Principal's Involvement Award

Student Award Ceremony

The UTM Principal’s Involvement Award annually recognizes students who have enhanced the quality of student life at the UTM. Involvement, for the purposes of this award, is defined as the myriad ways that students engage with campus life outside of their academic commitments. This includes, but is not limited to: significant leadership in student organizations, active involvement on governance, academic or administrative committees and councils, paid or volunteer experience in one of the University’s academic or administrative departments, or off-campus community service where the activity has a direct impact on UTM. 

Award Eligibility

To be eligible for this award, candidates must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a UTM undergraduate student who has completed 15 credits by May or enrolled as a UTM graduate student;
  • Be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0;
  • Never have received a Principal’s Involvement Award previously;
  • Have significant involvement in the UTM community. 

Please consult the eligibility criteria for the award before submitting a nomination. If you have any questions please email us.

2020 Principal's Involvement Award Recipients 

Photo of Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder

Honours Bachelor of Sciences - Double Major in Paleontology and Earth Sciences

Adam has been involved across the UTM campus during his degree. Across three years in residence, he has worked as a residence don and later community assistant for Oscar Peterson Hall and McLuhan Court. During this time, he became involved in the Colman Cup Committee, SHAC and New Building team. In his final year, he was elected president of the J. Tuzo Wilson Geology Club, helping to create the first Geology event between all three University of Toronto campuses. 

Photo of Ajandan Nandakumar Ajandan Nandakumar 

Honours Bachelor of Science - Major in Biology for Health Science, Double Minor in Chemistry and Psychology 

Ajandan is the Founder and President of UTM's Tamil Students’ Association, a club created to serve as an outlet for promoting Tamil language and culture. As a longstanding volunteer of UTM’s Accessibility Services, he took on many initiatives and made numerous contributions as a Peer Mentor, Support Assistant, Volunteer Note Taker and a Special Projects Assistant to provide leadership, guidance, and support to students. Additionally, he also led weekly sessions as a Facilitated Study Group Leader to assist students in developing note taking, problem solving and critical thinking skills to improve academically. 

Photo of Anna Nicolaou

Anna Nicolaou 

Honours Bachelor of Science - Major in Mathematics, Double minor in Statistics and Linguistics

Anna held many leadership roles during her undergraduate career such as a Hack Labs Coordinator, UTM SEC Financial Coordinator, and LAUNCH leader. She also contributed by volunteering with the Health and Counselling Centre, the Sexual Education Centre, and the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Society. She will be graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in 2021.

Photo of Angela Clarkson

Angela Clarkson 

Honours Bachelor of Arts- Double Major in Art & Art History and Sociology

Throughout her undergraduate career, Angela has held several leadership roles on campus - one of which was being an executive at UTM’s Sexual Education Centre as Office Manager, where she prioritized inclusive materials and educational resources. She is also one of five founders of the Tiny Fist Gallery, a space established to offer students in the Art and Art History program an opportunity to showcase and curate their art. Angela is very proud to have been a Career Assistant at UTM’s Career Centre, where she was a part of the launch team for the Centre’s LiveChat.

Photo of Ben-chanowk Jamir

Ben-chanowk Jamir

Honours Bachelor of Science - Specialist in Forensic Anthropology

Ben-chanowk held many leadership roles during his undergraduate career at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He significantly impacted the UTM residence community as a three-time Residence Don and was an active member of residence programs; co-chairing the Colman Cup Committee, and the International Student Support Initiative. In his final year, Ben was an upper-year representative for the IVNVI Forensic Society. He was also an active contributor to the Athletics department, working as a Varsity Game Crew Staff and even the Master of Ceremonies for UTM Varsity home games.

Photo of Bipasha Gandhi

Bipasha Gandhi 

Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting Specialist and Economics Major

Bipasha has been an excellent and valuable member of the UTM community. She has been tremendously involved through leadership positions with the UTM Student Union, Department of Management, Centre for Student Engagement and Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. She left her mark on UTM through cofounding the largest business society on campus (IBA), her business vlog (Limelight) and her numerous wins on the UTM Case Competition Team (IMIC). Bipasha always says, “The path to success lies in recognizing, accepting and pushing through the uncomfortableness of new experiences.

Photo of Cathy Tran

Cathy Tran 

Honours Bachelor of Science- Forensic Anthropology Specialist

Cathy has been involved on campus in various capacities, including as the UTM Vietnamese Student Association Co-President, IVNVI Forensics Society Secretary, Facilitated Study Group Leader, and Student Recruitment Ambassador. She has always been dedicated to enhancing student life, contributing to student involvement and leadership through her various roles with the Centre for Student Engagement as a Peer Leadership Coach, Leadership & Learning Team Lead, and currently, as the Student Organizations, Interfaith & Outreach Team Lead.

Photo of Cesar A. Lozano

Cesar A. Lozano

Bachelor of Commerce - Specialist in Marketing, Major in Economics

Cesar set out to empower fellow students as a Residence Don and Campus Council Undergraduate Representative. He co-founded the Latin American Students' Association to facilitate exchanges with Hispanic culture and designed events to teach professional skills as the Marketing Director for IMI Business Association. He is an advocate for servant leadership and is pursuing a career in behavioral marketing.

Photo of Dhaval Parchani

Dhaval Parchani 

Bachelor of Commerce, Specialist in Finance and Major in Economics

Dhaval is a well-rounded intellectual who strives to make everyone around him better. He was an Advisor to the Department of Management and a Facilitated Study Group Leader. Dhaval had a positive influence on the student community through his involvement with UTM Rotaract, where he spearheaded multiple professional development programs and community service initiatives. He also showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by establishing Enactus UTM.

Photo of Ingrid Andrea Ortiz

Ingrid Andrea Ortiz 

Honours Bachelor of Arts- Major in Political Science, Double Minor in Statistics and Philosophy

Andrea was a Cross Country varsity athlete for three years and was part of the first UTM women's team to qualify to Nationals. She also held various leadership roles throughout her undergraduate career as a Peer Mentor, Secretary of the Catholic Club, and as a Student Staff in Residence. Her most important contributions to the residence community occurred in her role as Residence Services Community Assistant. She supervised a team of 14 student staff and managed certain administrative processes, while focusing on better supporting students and their experience.

Photo of Jashandeep Nijjar

Jashandeep Nijjar

Honours Bachelor of Science - Specialist in Biology

Jashandeep, an active advocate for women’s equality, is the founder and president of Boss Women UTM, a club focused on empowering women and raising awareness on important issues through education. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she took on numerous leadership roles as part of UTM’s Accessibility Services as a Peer Mentor and as a Volunteer Note Taker. She was also actively involved as a Facilitated Study Group Leader at the RGASC to assist students in building good study habits and as an Associate to Volunteer Management at the UTMSU improve campus life. 

Photo of Mariam Girgis

Mariam Girgis #19

Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting Specialist and Economics Major

Mariam has made the most of her Undergraduate career by taking up many leadership roles in a variety of organizations. She has contributed to her school and community by becoming a Peer Mentor for incoming student-athletes, as well as a President for the CPA club, and the Vice-President of Finance on the Athletic Council. She is most proud of the opportunity to pay-it-forward and mentor new students in the Commerce program. On top of her extensive involvement on campus, Mariam has maintained a stellar GPA and several scholarships. She is currently interning at KPMG and is looking forward to graduating in 2021 and working towards her CPA designation.
Photo of Kyle Thomas.

Kyle Thomas

Honours Bachelor of Arts - Specialist in Digital Enterprise Management

Apart from academic excellence, Kyle has been involved in numerous UofT initiatives and leadership roles such as serving as the sole student representative on the Principal's Advisory Committee to hire our most recent principal and VP of U of T, Public Relations Officer of the Catholic Students Club, worked with UTM's registrar office to implement a Black Students Ambassador program; a mentorship program to encourage black high school students to pursue higher education, served on the Centre for Student Engagement student discussion panels for prospective high school students. Additionally, Kyle has made significant contributions on residence serving 2 years as a Residence Don and his most recent role as a Summer Residence Don.

Photo of Melissa Caroline Ramsammy.

Melissa Caroline Ramsammy

Honours Bachelor of Arts – Double Majors in Philosophy and Professional Writing & Communications

Melissa (Mel) Ramsammy contributed to the UTM community through various peer-focused roles, serving as a Teaching Assistant, Note-Taker, Student Affairs Committee Member and more. Entering her fourth year at the UTM Career Centre, Mel leads the Career Assistant program to help both students and student staff members develop the skills to achieve their career goals. Mel is published in UTM’s The Medium and UTM’s The Slate, and represented UofT through an Outbound Exchange semester at the University of Sydney.

Photo of Misha Ali

Photo of Misha Ali

Honours Bachelor of Science: Double Major in Computer Science and Statistics

Misha has demonstrated outstanding commitment, responsibility, empathy, and personal growth through her involvement in numerous initiatives, which include leadership roles with the Office of Student Transition as an academic Coaching mentor, with the Centre of Student Engagement as a Community Engagement program Assistant, as well as the Muslim Student Association as a Community Service Director. She has held over 10 Teaching Assistant positions where she provided support to students who struggled with programming concepts and statistical methodologies. In her final year, Misha co-founded the Developer Student Club (DSC) at UTM, which is an initiative that is powered by Google Developers that helps students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build technological solutions for local businesses and their community.

Photo of Natalie Cuei.

Natalie Cuei

Honours Bachelor of Science – Specialist in Forensic Anthropology

Natalie is a prominent student leader, who made significant contributions to the development of Interfaith support at UTM as part of her role as the Student Organizations Team Lead, at the Centre for Student Engagement (CSE). To highlight, she created UTM Interfaith Week, the first of its kind on campus to promote discussions based in religious pluralism on-campus. At CSE, she was also previously involved in the planning and execution of Exam Jam as part of her role as the Academic Initiatives Program Assistant. Within her discipline, she also supported many academic strides as an Assistant at Dr. Smith’s Pottery Lab, Research Assistant with Dr. Samson, and acting as a Forensic Outreach Facilitator within her program.

Photo of Sara Ahmed

Sara Ahmed

Honours Bachelor of Science - Major in Biology, Double Minor in Math and Education Studies 

Throughout her undergraduate career, Sara held leadership roles with the Centre for Student Engagement as an Academic Success Mentor, Peer Leadership Coach, LAUNCH Leader, Team Lead for the Co-Curricular Record, and most recently, as the Pre-Arrival Support Team Lead, held a mentorship role with the Office of Student Transition as an Academic Coaching Mentor, and worked as a Facilitated Study Group Leader for a first-year biology course. In addition, she volunteered as a Let’s Talk Science Outreach Assistant and as an English tutor with the Helping Hands program. She continued to demonstrate her passion for education through her involvement as an Accountant with The Teacher and Education Studies Association. In her final year, she worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Math department.

Photo of Trisha-Ann Vo

Trisha-Ann Vo

Honours Bachelor of Arts - Specialist in Digital Enterprise Management

Trisha-Ann held many leadership roles during her undergraduate careers such as Varsity Women’s Basketball Team Co-Captain, and ICCIT Council Web Director. Trisha has made significant contributions to the athletics department serving as a Sports Program Assistant, Marketing Communications Assistant, and Sports Project Officer. She continues to be a bright, articulate, and genuine spirit amongst her peers.