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Community engagement involves informing students about their initiative, inviting their input, collaborating with them to generate solutions, and partnering with the community from the beginning to tackle community issues. (Born, 2018)

What is in a partnership? 

At the Centre for Student Engagement we work with Community Organizations to identify ways to support the organizations mission, vision and goals. We want to build a long-lasting partnership to co-create programming for UTM students to add value, learn and explore initatives with high impact in the community. 

How can we partner?

Community Day Events 

Social Innovation Projects 

Youth Mentoring

Additional Opportunities 

All of these programs are recognized on a UTM student's Co-Curricular Record which allows them to track participating in initatives outside of the classroom. By partnering with our office we can ensure students recieve a CCR validation for involvement in your volunteer opportunity. 

This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.


For all questions and feedback regarding Community Partnerships, please contact:

Alysha Ferguson
Manager, Community Engaged Learning

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