Alternative Reading Week: Project Leader Application


What is Alternative Reading Week?

Alternative Reading Week (ARW) is a 3-day tri-campus initiative where students work in small teams on projects that revolve around the needs of different organizations in the community. ARW gives students the opportunity to learn more about, and understand issues within the community while simultaneously earning CCR accreditation. From this experience, students gain hands on experience in a field they are passionate about, meet like-minded individuals and network with people within the industry and become a leader in the community.

What is a Project Leader? 

Each project can only be a success with the help of those willing to step up into a leadership role! Each trip will have one or two Project Leaders that will lead the group of student volunteers participating in the experience. Some advantages of being a project leader include building your resume and gaining experience as well as networking with staff, community organizations, other project leaders and students. This experience allows Project Leaders to make a difference in the community and apply classroom learning to real life situations.

Applications will open soon!

If you are interested in learning more about leadership opportunities at the Centre for Student Engagement contact