O-Week Testimonials

O-Week was helpful because it allowed me to get to know the faculty and campus, as well as meet new people. It also allowed a slow transition to university rather than an abruptstart.

The O-Week events were made so important to me because it made the first day much less scary since by then, I had already been on campus for almost a week. I knew my way around, I felt prepared, welcomed, excited, and it made UTM feel like a place I already belonged to.

O-Week is where I was able to connect with people from leaders to students and where I made friends whom I talk to on a daily basis.

O-Week was very helpful to me because before it began, I was super anxious about how I was going to fit into the school. After attending, it felt like a huge relief and everyone was so welcoming. I started actually seeing my future here and it made me really happy.


For all questions and feedback regarding O-Week, please contact:

Janina Malapitan

Orientation Team Lead

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