Workshop Descriptions

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Active Listening and Conflict Resolution

A practice based workshop, focusing on effective communication and active listening. Participants will come away from this workshop with increased confidence and competence in effective communication.  These techniques can be used when managing conflicts, difficult people/conversations, and in everyday settings. 

Effective Facilitation Skills

The quality of a meeting depends a lot on the skill of the facilitator. Participants will learn strategies for managing both the tasks and relationships involved. Learn how to foster positive communication and participation, effective decision making and how to step in when necessary. This training will provide basic principles and helpful tips for meetings for anyone who is running a meeting for groups large and small. 

Perspectives on Interpersonal Communication

Participants will develop practical skills and techniques to mediate interpersonal disputes. Learning a three phase mediation model will allow students to mediate disputes quickly and effectively. The model empowers people to resolve their own conflicts through mutual understanding and cooperation, leading to long lasting results.

Reflecting on Co-Curricular Experiences

This session provides a framework for organizing, reflecting upon and talking about your co-curricular experiences to employers, recruiters, professional/graduate schools, non-profit organizations, and more. Engaging in reflection allows students to critically reflect on their experience, improving self-awareness and connect learning to future endeavours.


safeTALK prepares participants to identify people with thoughts of suicide and to connect them with suicide first aid resources in our community.  Through examples, discussion and practice, participants learn practical steps to help activate a suicide alert that connects people having thoughts of suicide with more specialized intervention care.  All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training.  More information available at www.livingworks.netAdditional Notes: There is a fee of $10.00/participant to cover the cost of training materials that the participants receive.


Learn your strengths and how to shine!  StrengthsQuest is a personality assessment inventory from the perspective of Positive Psychology. Before attending this workshop, you will be asked to complete an assessment inventory to identify your top five strengths that come naturally to you.  During the workshop, you will learn about these strengths, which is the first step toward learning how to excel in your personal, academic, and professional life. (Cost: $10/per person)

Team Dynamics

In this Team Dynamics workshop, participants are able to appreciate the diversity of their team members and start to understand how to collaborate effectively. By examining the stages of group development they are able to identify potential obstacles and learn various techniques that help team build trust, determine roles and expectations, establish identity, and work towards a common goal.

Work Styles

This workshop allows participants to explore four primary work styles, as a tool for self-reflection and leadership growth. This will enable participants to articulate why they work the way they do and identify skills and strengths they would like to enhance. Students will also examine the way in which their style(s) plays out on a team and how to balance different styles within a team.

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