Group Leadership Cohorts

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Registration for the utmLEAD - Group Leadership Cohort is open. Register here.

The Group Cohort will encourage students to develop their own leadership philosophy and work more effectively in teams. The sessions will focus on how to motivate others, resolve conflicts, and maximize impact.   

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Group Cohort 1: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1 Wednesday January 24 1pm -3pm | DV 1157
Session 2 Wednesday January 31 1pm -3pm | DV 1157
Session 3 Wednesday February 7 1pm -3pm | DV 1157
Session 4 Wednesday February 14 1pm -3pm | DV 1157
Session 5 Wednesday February 28 1pm -3pm | DV 1157
Session 6  Wednesday March 7 1pm -3pm | DV 1157







Group Cohort 2: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1 Monday February 5 5pm -7pm | DH 3000
Session 2 Monday February 12 5pm - 7pm | DH 3000
Session 3 Monday February 26 5pm -7pm | DH 3000
Session 4 Monday March 5 5pm - 7pm | DH 3000
Session 5 Monday March 12 5pm -7pm | DH 3000
Session 6  Monday March 19 5pm - 7pm | DH 3000

Program Outline

Session 1: Foundations

  • This session will provide students with an understanding of the utmLEAD community cohort; experience the dynamics of power and privilege; and, understand the concepts of equity and social justice in a local context.

Session 2: Big 5

  • This session will help individuals identify their role within a team; use their role to collaborate with others; and, use their role to empower others.

Session 3: Active Listening and Conflict Resolution

  • This session will teach students how to encourage collaborative actions toward a common goal; strengthen co-operation between individuals; and, resolve conflicts.

Session 4: Facilitation

  • ​This session will allow students to explore important considerations for identifying an inclusive audience; planning effectively for that audience; and, marketing toward that audience.                                                                 

Session 5: Tough out the Rough

  • This session will address situations when a group fails; when a group’s morale is low; and when a group faces criticism.

Session 6: Believe and Achieve

  • This session will provide students with the resources to reflect upon their experience in utmLEAD and develop an action plan to get involved in the multiple opportunities available on campus.


This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.

The CCR Competencies you'll develop in the Group Leadership Cohort are:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Reflective thinking
  • Fostering inclusivity and equity 
  • Communication​

View the full list and descriptions of the CCR Competencies here (PDF).

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