Global Justice

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This cohort will help develop a global lens that can be used to understand how change is implemented within their communities. Students will be pushed to identify their values and connect those values to causes they’re passionate about, and will then learn about the experiences of others who have made change through community engagement. 

Cohort 1: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1    Tuesday, Jan 22        5-7pm / DV3093      
Session 2    Tuesday, Jan 29        5-7pm / DV3093            
Session 3    Tuesday, Feb 5        5-7pm / DV3093    
Session 4    Tuesday, Feb 12        5-7pm / DV3093    
Session 5    Tuesday, Feb 26        5-7pm / DV3093    
Session 6     Tuesday, Mar 5        5-7pm / DV3093    






Cohort 2: 

Session Date Time/Location 
Session 1        Thursday, Feb 7        4 - 6pm / CC3150         
Session 2        Thursday, Feb 14    4 - 6pm / CC3150         
Session 3       Thursday, Feb 28     4 - 6pm / CC3150  
Session 4       Thursday, Mar 7    4 - 6pm / CC3150  
Session 5       Thursday, Mar 14    4 - 6pm / CC3150  
Session 6        Thursday, Mar 21    4 - 6pm / CC3150  

Program Outline

Session 1: Exploring Self & Social - Understanding Social Structures & Their Influence

  • This session will have students will explore who they are and how they fit into the structures within society: how they influence these structures and how these structures influence them.

Session 2: Ethics & Morality - Understanding Nuance

  • This session will provide students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of what is “right” and “wrong” by applying context and nuance to situations. 

Session 3: NGOs - Turning Values Into Actions

  • This session will reveal to students what their deepest held values are, and expose them to organizations that use their values to create positive and lasting change within their communities. 

Session 4: Global - Expanding Perceptions & Paradigms

  • This session has students engaging in activities that challenge their existing ways of thinking to encourage them to build their global lens.

Session 5: Government - How to Implement Change

  • This session allows students to identify how institutions and societal structures work to create change within their communities, and develop an understanding of how to interact with these structures. 

Session 6: Getting Involved

  • This session will allow students to interact with a guest speaker on topics of involvement and creating change within communities of interest, and reflect on what they have learned within the cohort.


This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.

The CCR Competencies you'll develop in this Cohort are:

  • Leadership
  • Global perspective
  • Critical thinking
  • Reflective thinking
  • Fostering inclusivity and equity

View the full list and descriptions of the CCR Competencies here (PDF).

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