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Registration is now closed. Registration will open in April 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Are you thinking about applying to Grad School?

If you have questions about what grad school is like, what's involved in the application process, and if it's the right decision for you — then Grad Connect is the program for you!

You will get paired with a grad or post-grad student mentor who can answer all your burning questions about grad school and point you in the right direction. The best place to get answers about graduate school is from graduate students themselves.

Expectations of the Program

  • Register below and get matched in Fall 2020

  • Connect with your mentor on a monthly basis until March 2021 through our online mentorship platform

  • Complete a mentor-mentee agreement and goal setting activity (to be provided by the mentor)

*This program is recognized on the CCR. To receive CCR you must connect with your mentor five times over the academic year, complete the mentor-mentee agreement, a goal-setting activity and complete a reflection survey.


For all questions and feedback regarding Grad Connect, please contact:

Laura Walkling
Student Engagement Coordinator, Leadership, Mentorship & the Co-Curricular Record

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