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7 Reasons Why You Should Join Student Organizations In University Along With Achieving Academic Excellence

Samadrita Gupta


 Studying in an awesome university like UTM can help you get your dream job. Well that’s the idea, right?  You choose intellectually stimulating courses, work tremendously hard for your exams, achieve a wonderful CGPA and aim toward greatness in career and life. But honestly, do you think that skills like public relations, communications, and leadership (skills employers are looking for) can really be studied from the assigned readings in our courses? Unfortunately NOT. This is where student organisations and clubs come into play! UTM offers a wide range of academic, cultural and activity-based clubs that are in constant search for interested people to join in and explore various opportunities together. Here are 7 reasons why you should contemplate participating in a student organisation before you graduate-

1. Getting real life experiences in university

Working in a student organisation exposes you to a myriad of situations where you must take control of uncontrollable events. Be it a logistical issue or an administration problem, being an accountable club executive teaches you management strategies and contingency planning better than anything else! These are also skills which prepare you for a successful work life.

2. Being involved and making a change!

Truthfully, life as a university student can be overwhelming a lot of the time. Getting involved with organisations on campus gives you the positive distraction where you are not just focusing on studies but also utilising your free time to work towards positive change in your community. Seeing yourself succeeding in such leadership roles makes you feel content and influential and keeps you mentally healthy.

3. Sense of belonging and ownership

Harmonious club environments give you a different and special sense of identity other than just being a university student. You tend to make a lot of friends and spend a lot of time learning, interacting and making new memories. This can also lead to you forming an emotional attachment with your club. If you are passionate about something and you are fortunate enough to find people who share the same passion, you can initiate your own new club! Guess how cool your resume would look if it said that you initiated a brand-new club? Very cool!

4. Networking

Clubs are known to be a setting where you can make a whole lot of BFFs. However, did you know that many academic clubs at UTM hold recruitment events, case-competitions and sessions orienting toward conversing with your professors? This involvement creates a platform to increase your social capital as a student and communicate with people who can give you scintillating life advice or a startling internship opportunity! Doesn’t this inspire you to grab the chance?

5. Personal development and growth

Many first year students at UTM have claimed that joining a student organisation was the best thing that happened to them . Joining a club as a first year changes your temperament and mental perspective as a new university student and gives you a door to engage with the community. You meet a lot of new people and form long term friendships that positively influence your behaviour patterns and confidence. Throughout the years, you learn how to manage time efficiently, implement effective decisions and show valuable teamwork abilities that prepares you in a holistic sense.

6. Positive energy in your daily routine

As a university student, there are times when you feel weary and bored. Your life seems to be a cycle of waking up in the morning, commuting to school, attending complicated lectures and ending the day with binge-watching Netflix with a bucket of fried chicken! Don’t you agree? Actively participating in club work keeps you engrossed with duties that intrigues you to be better at being thoughtful and creative. It feels like having a part-time job that keeps you energised and motivated along with your studies.

7. Rewarding experience

 Finally, being in a student organisation at university is an experience worth flaunting on your resume for the future! The skills and capabilities acquired through performing your roles in a club is what lets you stand out from your peers. Bottomline, you will not only graduate with a good CGPA from UTM but with competencies that define you as YOU!


So, are you tempted to join a student organization at UTM? Go for it!