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7 Reasons why doing a work-study position at UTM is the best thing ever!

Written by Samadrita Gupta


As the spring season is trying to pave its way amidst the fickle-minded snow showers of the Canadian winter, the period between February and March holds a great importance in the UTM calendar as it’s the time when the hiring applications for the work-study positions are due! Interested applicants take out some time from their busy academic schedules to make checklists that includes volunteering in campus events, redefining their resume and booking appointments with the career centre for interview tips. Soon after, the carousel interview takes place where students put on their elite formal attire along with their top-notch confidence and skill-set to thrive in the group interviews and team-building activities. Well, could there any better simulation of hiring procedures and job interviews for later life- like after graduating university? Here are 7 reasons why choosing to work in the university as a full-time student can be one of the finest decisions you will ever make-

  1. A job-like experience for your future career!

UTM and its departments offer students work positions that reflect jobs in the ‘real world.’ There are opportunities of becoming leadership coaches, marketing and communication assistants, event/project managers, graphic designers and community engagement ambassadors which highly caters towards developing proficiencies and responsibilities that are extraordinary in the labour market! Furthermore, working in such formal official environments that includes weekly meetings, devising creative initiatives and designing new projects or presentations, helps you obtain a first-hand experience of a life in the office.

  1. Significant addition to your resume

Needless to say, work-study is one of the best and recommended experiences to include in your resume. It is seen with the greatest appreciation by employers and recruiters as it attaches feathers in your cap. It allowed you to stand out in the pool of other applicants with your unique skill set, knowledge, and involvement, while attaining your degree.  

  1. Personal development and knowledge expansion

As a university student, you are always expected to learn and grow by facing academic challenges. However, when you work for one of the departments as a student staff, you are exposed to various predicaments and situations that are rare learning opportunities in the academic world. These scenarios thoroughly mature you as a reliable employee and broaden your horizons by implicitly teaching you quick and effective strategies in teamwork, communication, decision-making and problem-solving. Such experiences positively alter your perspectives, wisdom and personality as a student leader.

  1. Money Matters

Did you know that UTM’s work-study positions are all paid positions? This means that along with personal grooming, you also benefit financially! Such lucrative incentives not only motivate you to be a valuable staff member but also helps you earn money to save for your future plans, partially pay your rent or student bills, or maybe fulfil your desire to buy everything in your Amazon wish list!

  1. Managing the time in the right way

Considering the anecdotes of several student-staff members, it is not easy to be a part-time worker while holding the status as a full-time university student. The constant juggle between preparing for your tests and attending work meetings in a timely fashion can be often overwhelming and a relatable struggle. But, to attain the ability to manage time successfully as a work-study student is impeccable and a transferrable skill for your future career and life.

  1. Working in a specialised field

Like real-life companies that have multiple running sectors, work-study positions are also organised according to varying specialised arenas. Be it opportunities in research, marketing or administration, every department at UTM has several portfolios that you can be a part of. This enables you to work and network with some of the most creative learned professionals and teams that instills skills within you for your own development.

  1. Get to know you!

University life does not necessarily mean that you can only establish yourself through educational and academic successes. For sure it is an important accomplishment, but, work-study experiences often help you comprehend your uniqueness and establish yourself in a diverse setting. It lets you know your natural aptitudes, allows you to learn more about your self, gives you a better understanding of your work qualities, and gives you a fair chance to improve yourself. Getting involved in such settings helps you explore or fully discover a different and confident persona which has been dormant for all these years.

Therefore, apply for work-study and sign up for one of the best university experiences ever!