Featured Article - February

Featured Article

Making Mentorship Memorable

By Laura Mammone


I dare you, ask any student who has taken on the journey of being a LAUNCH Leader what made their role memorable…

I promise you that what will come after that will be a smile-and then a story. Now, these stories will have a wide range. You will hear stories of lightbulb growth moments that made that individual change their career path, you will hear stories about how the LAUNCH community helped them overcome personal struggles, you will even hear about how they met some of their best friends through LAUNCH!

Every year around program assessment time, I ask myself, how can we possibly measure this level of impact in an assessment? Sure, I can say that the LAUNCH program experienced a retention rate of 89%, that, collectively, this year’s amazing LAUNCH Leader team committed 2,783 hours to the LAUNCH program, that at the end of LAUNCH, 92% of new UTM students were satisfied with the program, and that we know we achieved a main learning objective by 94% of new students indicating an increased awareness of campus resources…

But LAUNCH is so much more.

The LAUNCH Leaders are given this huge challenge of helping their own class of new students transition to the UTM community, and every single year, I am absolutely in awe at how they reach out of their comfort zone to accomplish this very task. Each year, the LAUNCH Leader team makes a real life impact on new students and this difference goes beyond their 4 short months in the role.

This difference looks like a student having the confidence to sign up to be a part of a student club and one day becomes part of the executive,

This difference looks like a student who is inspired to apply for a ROP because of their LAUNCH Leader’s experiences,

 This difference looks like a student who has participated in an FSG and received their best mark on their final exam.


Now the time has come and I am in search of the next class of LAUNCH Leaders. I am looking for 19 individuals who are excited to share their important insights, to have a learning experience of a lifetime, and to make a difference.

What will your story be? Join our LAUNCH family, I dare you…

Applications open on February 6th!

LAUNCH Leader: Business, Management, and Commerce (137313)

LAUNCH Leader: Science (137316)

LAUNCH Leader: Social Sciences and Humanities (137321)


Click on this link to learn more about the LAUNCH Leader internship!