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Featured Article


7 Ways to Keep Yourself Calm During the Upcoming Exam Season!

Samadrita Gupta


The month of December is almost here and along with the holiday spirit, it also brings the stressful vibes of exam season for all UTM students. Everyone agrees that this is the time when we are in a dilemma between the fall semester passing so quickly, and frantically wanting a break to make some great end-of-the-year memories. Nonetheless, amongst this impasse is also the period when students are packed with maddening schedules of innumerable upcoming assignments and final exams. With the cold snow-filled atmosphere around, needless to say we feel super tensed and nervous about our hectic timetables. But don’t you worry. Here are 7 ways you can feel less stressed for this exam season:


  1. Daily planners and to-do lists


Students go through so many days of exams and vital deadlines that it can easily get overwhelming for them to remember completing everything on time. Hence, it is super useful to create your own activity checklists and study plan that best fits you, to avoid any feelings of chaos reigning in later. Even if those tiny daily activities are jotted down in the checklist and then checked after completion- it gives you a lot of motivation to work through the entire list frequently and finish all the tasks on-time.


  1. Say no to procrastination!


Although, during times of stress most people have been guilty of stalling their readings or assignments to the last minute in the excuse of dealing with it later, but, it does not always get you fruitful results. Memorizing loads of content just before exams can often deter the brain from storing the right information which can confuse you during the exam time. Procrastination might cause more strain and anxiety than any good, so it is always better to start early and sail smoothly with studies during exam season!


  1. Attaining healthy habits


Every student feels the time crunch during this period with successive exams occurring and no time for relaxation. To cope with the humongous course load, they further exhaust themselves by pulling all-nighters and skipping meals to increase their study time. However, this is not advised, as it is highly important for students to have proper circadian rhythms and balanced diets to reduce strain and stress on the body, and to retain their energy for a longer period to achieve their goals in the exam season.


  1. Meditation


Many believe that keeping a blissful mind is a successful tactic to do well in your exams, and it is absolutely true! Several research studies have shown that a relaxed mind enhances concentration, attention span and memory. Hence, meditating often is a good practice to keep yourself composed and acing through your exams. Also, if you are unaware of how to meditate properly, UTM offers several helpful sessions of ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ to teach you well.


  1. Attending office hours


A large number of students claim that occasionally meeting their professors to discuss the lecture materials reduces the perceived difficulty of a course. Furthermore, during exam times many professors extend their office hours to support their students with clarifying doubts, explaining concepts and providing answers to past paper questions. It is a significant resource offered by our lecturers for their students to be used for their own benefit.


  1. Group Study Sessions


Team work has its own rewards and if you are lucky enough to team up with some friends from your lecture, it is a good forum to solve past papers together and connect constructive ideas. Group studies are also time effective as students can facilitate tough topics and problems with each other rather than struggling on their own. Also, it is a great chance to know and implement others’ efficient study patterns in your routine and see if it benefits you. This kind of networking scenario also forms special bonds between group members which leads to lifelong friendships.


  1. Exam Jam


Finally, this stressful time of exam season also calls for times to de-stress and rejuvenate yourself. And the best way to do so is to participate in the UTM’s biggest destressor event- “Exam Jam”. This year, the Exam Jam is happening on 6th December at the Instructional Center (IB) from 10 am to 5 pm and it offers many wellness and fun activities along with some enlightening academic sessions before your exams. Therefore, join us for a relaxing fun-filled day to better achieve your exam targets!


For additional support during this busy period, feel free to connect with the Health & Counselling Centre. You can reach them at 905-828-5255.