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The Erin Mills Youth Centre (EMYC) believes in youth. Research has shown that youth engagement with the most positive, long-lasting impact are characterized by two elements: (1) youth are a central part of planning, shaping and delivering programs—not just as volunteers, but also as paid staff; (2) programs are designed to promote adult-youth partnerships that involves mentoring and affirms the capacity and contributions of youth. At EMYC we have identified this strategy as “youth driven.” These core values stand behind our mission and vision and inform each of our priorities and outcomes.

Learn more about the Erin Mills Youth Centre (EMYC) here!

The Challenge(s)


The organizations infrastructure needs to be strengthened in certain areas.

Project Idea:

Strengthen administrative structures, communication system, evaluation system and data supports. We are looking to implement:

  • A training and coaching system for new staff/mentors
  • A communication strategy utilizing social media
  • A feasability review of best practices for youth mentorship programs and development of internal policies and procedures

The Project

Starting with the Social Innovation Project Kick-Off Day on October 26th, we are looking for a team of UTM students to work through these issues and come up with an innovative project plan and budget with this organization based on the challenge(s) they are facing. The Centre for Student Engagement will fund part or all of the project(s) based on the proposal(s).

Over the next 16 weeks, can a group of our UTM students come up with an innovative solution working with this organization? 


Each Social Innovation Project opportunity relates to a theme. The theme(s) for this project include: Children and Youth, Physical Community Development and Health Related.

Registration is now closed for 2019-2020 projects

There are a few steps before you can officially register for your project, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the mandatory online Volunteer Training module in Quercus. 
  2. Complete the registration form by Thursday October 24th by noon. (Register here)
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming your spot in your project by October 24th.
  4. We'll see you on Saturday October 26th from 10am-4pm where you will meet your team, connect with your Communtiy Organization, and kick-off your project!


For all questions and feedback regarding Social Innovation Projects, please contact:

Michelle Atkinson
Community Engagement Coordinator

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