Habitat for Humanity ReVive Centre

Habitat for Humanity Revive Centre

Registration is now OPEN for the Habitat for Humanity Impact Day on Saturday March 7th 2020. Click here to sign up using the webform below!

*This opportunity is open to ALL UTM Students. 

What is the Habitat for Humanity Revive Centre

Join us on Saturday March 7th 2020 for a half day volunteer opportunity at Habitat for Humanity.

The Habitat for Humanity Revive Centre is Habitat's multipurpose product development centre. Revive recycles, transforms and breathes new life into donated products and materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill. As a green oriented initiative and the very first of its kind, the ReVive Centre is an innovaitve, unique idea that helps raise funds for Habitat's operational costs and home building program, empowering low-income families in our community. 

Whether you're an expert with tools, an artisit or an aspiring Pinterest-er, the ReVive DIY Centre has a project waiting for you. Volunteers will work with a team of peers to help transform donated material and products that are in need of renewing, upcycling and refinishing. 

- Habitat for Humanity (https://habitathm.ca/revive-centre/

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Event Details

The Habitat event will take place off campus at the ReVive Centre, however students will  meet at UTM (in Davis Building Room DV3130) at 12:00pm to travel to the centre together. Lunch will also be provided at the end of the half day. 

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday March 7th 2020
  • Location: DV3130CC followed by travel provided by CSE to Habitat for Humanity
  • Time: 12:00pm-5:30pm (including travel time)
Time Details / Activity Location

12:00pm – 12:10pm

  • Arrival of Participants



  • Welcome address

  • Group Icebreaker Game

  • Instructions regarding the event and cautionary guidelines



  • Travel to Habitat for Humanity - Revive Centre

UTM to Habitat 


  • Participate in Habitat for Humanity - ReVive Centre

Habitat for Humanity


  • Lunch 
  • Reflect on the event 

Habitat for Humanity


  • Travel from Habitat to UTM

Travel back to UTM


What to Bring

  • Water
  • Comfortable clothing

Participants are asked to come with only personal belongings that they would need for the day. There will be no areas to store items securely and therefore all items must be brought with each individual. We will not assume responsibility for items left unattended. 


For all inquiries regarding the Habitat for Humanity ReVive Centre please contact:

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Registration is now open! Please register before March 2nd at 4:00pm

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