Peel Environmental Youth Alliance

Peel Environmental Youth Alliance

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Ecosource is an Ontario-based environmental education non-profit serving youth, adults, and families. Work began in Mississauga and has now expanded throughout the Region of Peel and beyond. Ecosource is all about changing the world, and growing a green community, right in our own backyard!  Ecosource staff works in schools and throughout the community, delivering interactive learning experiences that inspire youth and adults to take actions that make a positive difference to the health of the planet.

A project of Ecosource, The Peel Environmental Youth Alliance is PEYA unites students across Peel working to improve the environment in their schools and neighborhoods through monthly networking meetings, capacity building workshops and events, and an online community. PEYA is a catalyst for youth participation in environmental policy-making and is committed to exploring best practices for youth-adult partnerships. 


The Projects @UTM 

Project 1: Youth Active Transportation Campaign Assistant  

Ecosource is taking on a new pilot project with 4 schools from Peel District School Board.  The purpose of this project is to survey how many youth from the 4 high schools are already using active transportation (walking, bicycling, skateboarding, etc.) to school, and how many are not. Then, Ecosource will provide resources, education and workshops on active transportation, with the end goal to increase the number of youth who use active transportation to and from school.

We are looking for 1 student, who will be working closely with the Youth Active Transportation Campaign Coordinator from January-April 2018, with a commitment of 2 hours per week.  There will be a mix of working at home, coming into the office, and going to the 4 schools in the Peel District School Board.  The innovation project will have the following tasks:

  • Active transportation research
  • Brainstorm strategies to engage youth in active transportation
  • Helping to create education material to show benefits of active transportation
  • Helping to create, administer and analyze survey results from the students at Peel District School Board

In return, students will get the opportunity to network with teachers from the Peel District School Board and a chance to work and interact with high school students.

Theme: Environment/Youth

Relevant Disciplines: Geography and Environment, Education, Statistics, Physical Activity and Social Sciences

Project 2: Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) - Amazing Green Race Assistants

The Amazing Green Race is a highly-awaited popular event organized by PEYA that provides youth in the Peel Region with various resources and strategies to support sustainable commuting and healthy living. Youth will participate in fun, engaging and hands on activities that will help them recognize the benefits of using various modes of sustainable transportation available to them in the Peel region. Youth teams will race from checkpoint to checkpoint and learn about waste reduction, sustainable and active transportation, ecology, energy and stewardship across the City of Mississauga.  It will be held on Saturday May 19th, 2018.  

We are looking for 2 students, who will be working closely with the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance Coordinator.  They will help with the planning of the Amazing Green Race this year from January-April 2018, with a commitment of 2 hours per week.  The students will also be welcome to attend the Race day on May 19th, 2018, but it is not a requirement.  The students may work on their own time at home, but will need to come into the Ecosource office once a month for brainstorming meetings.  The innovation project will have the following tasks:

  • Develop engaging, fun, unique and environmentally related checkpoints that teams must complete
  • Find and communicate with several event partners and organize who would like to run which checkpoint activity
  • Assist on planning event logistics

In return, students will get a chance to network with professionals from the environmental industry and improve your event planning skills.

Theme: Environment/Youth

Relevant Disciplines: Geography and Environment, Physical Activity, Social Sciences, Event management 


Registration for this project is now closed.

Students who have signed up for a Community Action or Innovation Project for the winter semester must be available for a mandatory training session from 9am-12pm on Saturday January 20th, 2018.