Let's Get Together

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Let's Get Together is a charitable organization that creates opportunities for parents, youth and communities to access learning resources that provides education assistance and supports students' well-being. Their mission is to empower parents to become more engaged in their children's education and inspire youth in their learning while making it more equitable, accessible and enjoyable. 

The Projects @UTM 

Project #1: Parent Expo - Pop Up and The Virtual Event

The Parent Expos, provides a platform for parents to network with other parents as well as businesses and organizations that support learning.

  • The Pop Up Parent Expo delivers an engaging, in-person experience for those who want to meet industry experts and collect useful information. he Parent Expo Virtual
    • This event will be held on November 16th, to celebrate “Parent Involvement Day”.  The theme of this expo is "the value post secondary education".  The team will provide parents and youth with information on post secondary education; pathways, possibilities and supports for their children.  
  • The Parent Expo Virtual Event provides invaluable information through an interactive online platform which everyone can access from the convenience of their desk or mobile device all year around. This will be held in the spring at a local community centre.

UTM Student Volunteers will work as a team to help organize and deliver both types of expos.  

This is an excellant opportunity for students interested in developing experience with: communication, marketing, media, event planning, filming/editing, community outreach, information technology and business management/development. Volunteers will also have a chance to work directly with a Professional Event Planner.  

Project #2: Biz Up Training Program 

Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET), is a 5 part program that aims to help strengthen relationships between local youth and local businesses with a goal to assist youth in securing meaningful employment within their community.

This project will allow a team of students to research and develop the Biz Up training program.  This program will be delivered to businesses and organizations interested in boosting their youth company culture.  

This is an opportunity for students who are interested in developing experience with communication, media, filming/editing, community outreach, information technology, business management/development, human resource and social development! 

Project #3: True North Friends Festival 

"True North Friends" strive to raise awareness among elementary-age children about the importance of having a growth mindset, developing healthy social skills and acceptance of self and others. The 7 animal characters were created a group of UTM students during Alternative Reading Week in collaboration with elementary school students in February 2017. 

This opportunity allows student volunteers to create, organize, promote and deliver a one day, free community building event that focuses on friendships and promotes growth mindset to elementary age school children and their families.  

This opportunity is the first of it's kind and will also have the chance to collaborate with Ryerson University student volunteers who will be developing a short animation film of the characters. 

Registration for this project is now closed.

Students who have signed up for a Community Action or Innovation Project for the winter semester must be available for a mandatory training session from 9am-12pm on Saturday January 20th, 2018.