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Indus Community Services (Indus) is an accredited, community benefit organization that has served local communities for over 32 years. Indus Community Services, through its professional staff, is a leader in the provision of culturally and linguistically responsive services to newcomers, families, women and seniors.

The Project at UTM 

Indus Community Services is excited to launch a new initiative to support youth in Grades 9-11 in Halton to build positive self-identity and develop strategies that will lead to empowered, inter-connected and resilient youth. The program is envisioned as a targeted opportunity for students, who may be experiencing marginalization based on their racial, cultural or religious identity or newcomer status. The aim of the program is to enhance youth participants’ confidence and foster critical self-reflection on all aspects of their unique identity while building their leadership skills to create a climate of inclusion and respect for all members of their student community and beyond. 

This opportunity will seek input from UTM students on identifying issues faced by marginalized students in the Canadian context, suggestions for an appealing name for the program, research and compile, youth focused, innovative "Resource Binder" for youth (e.g. including apps, TED talks, community resources, links, youtube, etc.)

Indus staff and Halton school board representation will meet with interested students and explain the project and input ideas. Indus staff will provide direction, as required. Binder to be developed by end of 2017.
Themes: Children/Youth

Related Disciplines: Social Sciences (Sociology/Criminology, Psychology, Anthropology), Humanities (History, Languages, Political Sciences, Women and Gender Studies etc), Geography and Environment. 

This project is now closed. 

Students who have signed up for our projects must attend one of our two mandatory long-term volunteer training sessions. Training dates are below:

Monday September 25th from 2-4pm in the Faculty Club

Friday September 29th from 5-7pm in Spigel Hall