CCR Training

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Registration for CCR Training is closed. Register below in September.

The CCR training session for Student Groups will start the process in getting your student group added to the CCR.

1-2 members from your group must attend a CCR training session if you wish to submit an application to have your group considered for the CCR.

At this training, student leaders will:

  • learn about the process of adding their group to the CCR 
  • learn how to find a U of T staff/faculty validator
  • learn about what individuals within their group will need to do in order to have their positions validated at the end of the year

Please fill out the form below to register for a training session. If multiple members of your group will be attending please make sure each register for the training session. 

Workshops Date Time/Location 
CCR Training Workshop Sept 20, 2019 4pm -5pm / MN 5128
CCR Training Workshop Sept 25, 2019 5pm - 6pm / MN 5128
CCR Training Workshop Oct 7, 2019 5pm -6pm / MN 5128
CCR Training Workshop Oct 24, 2019 5pm - 6pm / MN 5128
CCR Training Workshop Nov 12, 2019 5pm - 6pm / MN 5128
CCR Training Workshop Nov 18, 2019 5pm - 6pm / MN 5128



*Student Organizations must be a Ulife Recognized Group in order to be recognized on the CCR*
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