Campus Partners

Campus Partners

Getting Started

  1. Fill out this web form to indicate desire for your department to join the app.
  2. Download UTM Engage.
  3. Sign-in to app using your UTORid and password.
  4. Look for your department listed in 'Calendars' – congratulations, your department is now available on the app and you have access to it!


Adding an Event to your Calendar

  1. Open UTM Engage to the Campus page.
  2. Select ‘Calendars’ and find the department which you should have admin controls over.
  3. Add events by clicking on ‘Add Event’ button.
  4. Complete the necessary information:
    Headings Description
    Name of Event Keep it short and simple
    Select a picture for your event Preferred size is 400 x 200 pixels
    Location Indicate the building and room which the event will be held in. (On-campus buildings are listed in the app)
    Time  Choose a start and end time for your event. If your event repeats daily/weekly/monthly, you may indicate here.
    Description  Add a short, but informative description of the event. Please note any items which the participants may require for the event. Keep it fun! This is your chance to promote your event and department.
    Calendar  Confirm the calendar which the event will be nested under
  5. Click on ‘Create Event’ to finish creating and adding your event to your calendar. 

Adding an Event

Editing an Event

  1. Go to your department calendar profile.
  2. Select the event you wish to edit.
  3. Click on the small pencil icon on the top right corner.
  4. Make necessary edits.
  5. Save your edits by clicking on ‘Update Event’ at the bottom.
  6. If you wish to delete an event, click on ‘Delete’ at the top right corner.

Editing an Event


Post-Event Surveys

Creating a Post-Event Survey

  1. Your department lead should receive access to the administrative view of UTM Engage. If you should have access, but do not, please contact us at
  2. Click on ‘Surveys’ under Assessment on the left-hand column.
  3. Add a survey by clicking on ‘Add Survey Template’. Add in your survey questions and choose the start and end date and times for your survey*.
    Editing Options Description
    Add new questions Provides a list of different question formats which you may use
    Add text Allows you to add information and a description about the survey
  4. Click on ‘Save Survey Template’ to complete the survey.

*Please keep surveys on the App short. For full assessments please use Campus Labs or your department-approved assessment tool.

Creating a SurveyManage a Survey

Sending a Post-Event Survey

  1. Click on ‘Events’ under Engagement on the left-hand column.
  2. Click on the event which you are sending the survey for.
  3. Click on ‘More’ and select ‘Send Survey’.
  4. Choose the audience of your survey under ‘Send to’ and select your Department Name as the ‘Send From’ field.
  5. Write a short message introducing the survey. (This can also be where you thank participants for coming!).
  6. Write your Survey Name.
  7. Leave the ‘Email All Responses To’ field blank.
  8. Choose the Survey Template you wish to use. If you have not created the Survey Template, please follow the instructions of ‘Creating a Post-Event Survey’ above.
  9. Select to send the survey notification now or schedule it for later.
  10. Click on ‘Send Survey’ to finish the notification request.  

Sending a Survey

Discussion Boards

  1. Open UTM Engage to the Dashboard page.
  2. Select the a discussion board under ‘Campus Discussions’.
  3. Respond to questions/comments by clicking ‘write a reply’ which appears below each question/comment posted by a user on the discussion board.

Discussion Boards

Reporting an Issue

To report a technical issue regarding the app, please contact our team via e-mail at