Second-Year Learning

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As the pandemic continues, learning and learning environments will continue to evolve. This page will provide information and resources on making the most out of your academic experiences - digital, physical, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, and all of their combinations!

Learning at...

The Second-Year Supports Team at CSE

CSE and UTM:

Second-Year Support Workshops

Looking to connect with your fellow students, and learn about skills and resources that support second-year life? Stop by one of our workshops (this form will be updated as time passes with new workshop dates and times, so please check back regularly)! In Winter 2022, we'll be looking to cover the following topics...

  • Supporting resiliency across cultures
  • Navigating "burnout" as a student
  • Peer pressure in in-person environments
  • How to use active listening to talk to new people and make friends
  • How to effectively communicate for help and support

...and more!

Not seeing a topic that you are interested in? Know that there is a topic that you and your peers would be interested in? Use our workshop sign-up form to let us know - we would love to hear from you!

Or, help the Second-Year Support Team incorporate student voices, needs, and aspirations into our programs, events, and initiatives by participating in one of our feedback circles!

Academic Integrity

Collaborative Work or Academic Dishonesty? Know the difference.

The University of Toronto is committed to the free and open exchange of ideas, and to the values of independent inquiry. Academic integrity is fundamental to our university community’s intellectual life. What does it mean to act with academic integrity? Visit the Academic Integrity website to find out! 

Learn Anywhere at UTM Library

The UTM Library has recently put together a page full of resources to assist in your online learning experience! Visit the website by clicking here, where you can find out more about modules on Submitting Assignments, Taking Quizzes and more!

UTM Library Reference Services

Did you know that the UTM Library offers a variety of virtual services to support you through online learning?

These include live chat with Library staff, drop-in Zoom reference sessions, and research consultations with librarians. For more information and to access these supports, click here to view the Library's helpful reference services!

Prof Tips: Academic Success

Watch the video below, or click here, to see what Professor Nicole Laliberte and Professor Fiona Rawle have to say about achieving academic success! What works? What doesn't work? Find out in this video!


Got a question about second-year life that you think might be helpful to both you and your fellow second-year students? Submit it to the Second-Year Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Form to have the answer featured on the CSE Instagram (@utmengage) and other CSE communications to second-year students!

For all questions and feedback regarding Second Year Support, please contact

Sally Chen

Student Engagement Event Coordinator, Second Year