Second-Year Learning

August 2022: Please check back for newer content, or contact the Second Year Support team through the email at the bottom of this page with any current inquiries!

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As the pandemic continues, learning and learning environments will continue to evolve. This page will provide information and resources on making the most out of your academic experiences - digital, physical, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, and all of their combinations!

Websites or larger amounts of information hard to process at the moment? That's okay! Put in your name here at this request form to get a quick email containing a quick run-through of what's happening right now and how to get involved.


Year 2+: Second Year Skills Development

Year 2+ is a skills development program for second-year students based in the Centre for Student Engagement. The program consists of:

  • Completing of a workshop set that supports skill development; and
  • Participating in recurring group meetings over the course of a term that support skill practice

The program aims to respond to the diverse life experiences and goals of second-year students, and foster second-year student life and identity at UTM.

August 2022 Updates 

  • Year 2+ will be launching in September 2022 and will be CCR-recognized - sign up here for our info session on Wednesday September 7th!
  • Our themed workshop sets are finalized! This Fall and Winter term, there will be three workshop sets: Healthy and Productive Communication; Navigating Challenge; and Social Identity Growth. Stay tuned here for further updates on specific workshop topics, dates, and times!



Got a question about second-year life that you think might be helpful to both you and your fellow second-year students? Submit it to the Second Year Support Team at to have the answer featured on the CSE Instagram (@utmengage) and other CSE communications to second-year students!

For all questions and feedback regarding Second Year Support, please contact

Sally Chen

Student Engagement Event Coordinator, Second Year