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June 2022: This page is undergoing updates - please check back for newer content, or contact the Second Year Support team through the email at the bottom of this page with any current inquiries!

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On this page, you will find resources on how to access different events, programs and initiatives to help you find your physical, virtual, and/or hybrid communities! 

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The CSE Second-Year Supports Team:
SYS on Quercus
Second Year Summer Prep

SYS on Quercus

June 2022: The Second Year Support Team is moving from Microsoft Teams to Quercus, to build an online space that is more reflective of how second-year students use online spaces at UTM. Want to help us build this space? Start by telling us here where you go online for information or help as a second year student!

Second Year Summer Prep

July 2022: Get ahead of the 2022-2023 school year at the Second Year Summer Prep, an on-campus event series from July 12th to September 7th! Get to know the campus, hear from the experiences of senior- and graduating-year students, and more - and most of all, connect with your fellow second-year students!

Registration for more July events coming soon - stay tuned here, through the CSE Newsletter "Spotlight", or the CSE Instagram @utmengage !

Virtual Programs at UTM

Many of our UTM campus departments have developed programming online! In fact, they have centralized website where you can find events and programs by UTM department. Click on the graphic above, or visit this link here, to go to the Virtual Programs website!

UTM Student Groups

Visit the CSE Student Groups website, or the UTM Student Union clubs and societies website to find and stay updated on student groups at UTM! Yuu can search for various student groups, discover their programming for this academic year, and connect with the groups directly. 


At UTM, we want all students to feel comfortable and supported when practicing their faith. Our Interfaith programming allows students opportunities to explore their faith, learn about faith related supports and resources, learn about ways to participate in faith-based student groups, and learn about our campus faith spaces.

Visit the Interfaith website here, which has all the up-to-date resources to support you!

Leadership & Mentorship Programs

The Centre for Student Engagement offers several leadership and mentorship programs to upper-year students! Whether you want to mentor youth in the Peel Region or connect with UTM alumni mentors, the CSE has a program for you. Click here to visit the CSE website for more information about how you can get involved!



Got a question about second-year life that you think might be helpful to both you and your fellow second-year students? Submit it to the Second Year Support Team at to have the answer featured on the CSE Instagram (@utmengage) and other CSE communications to second-year students!

For all questions and feedback regarding Second Year Support, please contact

Sally Chen

Student Engagement Event Coordinator, Second Year