Second Year Supports



I need help with


  • Student learning on computer

  • Student waving at others

  • Students on laptops

  • T-card office


ReOrientation Website Trailer

What exactly is ReOrientation? Watch the trailer below, or click here, for a quick intro to this upper-year student support website!

What is ReOrientation? 

In many ways, this academic year will feel just as new for our upper-year students as it felt back in their first year at UTM. Things look very different, and we're here to help with ReOrientation!

ReOrientation is a website dedicated to supporting upper-year UTM students as they navigate through the virtual space this year. This is where students can find resources, links, and information about several key areas of UTM life. To get started, check out the menu further below.


For all questions and feedback regarding Second Year Support, please contact

Sally Chen
Student Engagement Event Coordinator, Second Year