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2019 Features

Indigenous Spirit Journey wins a Mississauga Cultural Heritage Award 

The Indigenous Spirit Journey (ISJ) mentorship program provides positive life and career pathways for Indigenous high-school youth in the Peel Region. The CSE was a recipient for a Cultural Heritage Award and attended the Credits. “the Credits” is an annual spectacle that honours the contributions of individuals, groups and businesses that contribute to the celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the city of Mississauga. Read more here

First Faith Fair at UTM

The Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) hosted UTM’s first ever Faith Fair last Tuesday in the Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCT) atrium.

This was the first of the three-day Faith Week initiative. The CSE highlights itself as being “committed to holistic learning and development” and introduced Faith Week as a new initiative in collaboration with the Equity & Diversity Office, Hart House, and the University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre. Read more here.

UTM Engage app unites students 

Offering user-friendly interface and convenient functionality, the brand-new campus app will help students navigate the 2019-2020 academic year. Users can access information and engage with campus events, student organizations, and service departments through the app’s many interactive features. Read more here. 

Max's Big Ride Returns for fifth year

Through the Centre of Student Engagement’s Social Innovation projects, students have been helping out with Max’s Big Ride for the past three years. This year, students played an important role as they encouraged him to pursue his idea of distributing merchandise with the logo ‘FCK DMD.’ The logo is based on rap group Run-D.M.C.’s logo and stands for Fundraising, Care, and Knowledge of DMD. The logo ties in with slogan “In the fight against DMD, the only thing that is missing is ‘U’.” Read more here. 

Get Connected: UTM Engage App links students to events, clubs & more! 

Looking for a club to join or the date for the next Eagles varsity basketball game? A new app launching at U of T Mississauga will help keep campus events as close as your nearest device. Launching in time for O-Week, the new UTM Engage app provides a centralized UTM events calendar on your mobile device, making it easy to see what’s on and connect with others across campus. Read more here

Experiential Learning Offers Students Career Ideas, Opportunities

Cankat Zhirlioglu, a fifth-year political science student, began volunteering with the Centre for Student Engagement four years ago and eventually began working as a staff member.

“Co-curricular learning and experiential learning pretty much shaped my education,” says Zhirlioglu, an international student from Germany. “I’ve been a project leader, oversaw Youth Day [bringing high school students to campus] and planned the Alternative Reading Week activities. My responsibilities have increased every year and I’ve gained a lot of good work experience. Read more here. 

Success for Raptor 905 Future Stars and Fans

Overall, From the Playground to the NBA was a great success, all thanks to the collaborative efforts of Let’s Ge Together!, the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program, and supporting organizations, the Mississauga Sports Council, Ontario Basketball Association and the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Center for Student Engagement. Read more here. 

The Science of Learning

ReThink Article

Chan, Elizabeth. (2019, January 18). The Science of Learning. ReThink.



2018 Features

UTM launches new scheduling tool for U of T students

Cartoon calendar showing important dates crossed out.

Lazarova, Eleanor. (2018, February 26). UTM launches new scheduling tool for U of T Students. The Varsity.

“The tool has a holistic nature,” said Frunchak. By integrating co-curricular engagement and wellness measuring, it “provides students personalized support and accountability with tracking their time.” Read more here. 


UTM TimeTracker: New calendar app helps students stay on top of busy schedules

Eligh, Blake. (2018, January 31). UTM TimeTracker: New calendar app helps students stay on top of busy schedules. UTM News.

“This tool allows me to efficiently manage all my work in one place,” says second-year social sciences student Elize Khan. “I am able to plan my study and reading times, which has proven to be super beneficial. If I’m ever wondering what I should be doing at the moment, I can quickly check the tool and stay on track.” Read more here.


Active and involved: awareness at UTM

Students placing hands on top of each other.

Cabral, Jessica. (2018, January 22). Active and involved: awareness at UTM. The Medium.

"...The Centre for Student Engagement at the University of Toronto Mississauga held their first Civic Awareness workshop tailored towards educating students on civic engagement." Read more here.

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2017 Features

The story behind Exam Jam

Faisal, Maryam. (2017, December 4). The story behind Exam Jam. The Medium.

“Exam Jam functions as a pre-exam hub to get some tips, meet new people, have some fun before exams begin. There are not many campus-wide opportunities, so it is also a chance to build community at UTM,” Leung said. Read more here.


Black youth matched with black mentors through program expanding to UTM

Three students looking at a computer screen.

Clay, Chris. (2017, November 29). Black youth matched with black mentors through program expanding to UTM. Mississauga News.

"While there are benefits for the mentees, such as developing a sense of community and belonging, the programs also is a boon for students. Atkinson said research has shown that if they engage in about 15 hours of extracurriculars per week, their grades improve." Read more here.


A movie night at UTM for the community

A group of students watching a movie on a projector.

Alkari, Zaynab. (2017, November 13). O-Week prepares first years. The Medium.

"The movie night, as mentioned on their event description, aimed to spread awareness about autism and the issues autistic individuals face, specifically in relation to the community they interact with. The event also aimed to provide a safe space for families to come and enjoy their time in a welcoming environment provided by the volunteers at CSE." Read more here.


Why do UTM students volunteer?

Several hands raised with hearts drawn on the palms.

Amini, Farhat. (2017, September 25). Why do UTM students volunteer? The Medium.

“Volunteering is an amazing opportunity for students to gain soft skills while learning about the organizations in the community who are doing great work for the region, the community appreciates having students be engaged because they bring new ideas, new energy and a willingness to give valuable time to organizations with limited resources.” Read more here.


O-Week prepares first years

Sign showing "O-Week, Taste of UTM."

Boatto, Alicia. (2017, September 5). O-Week prepares first years. The Medium.

“O-Week is all about welcoming new students to campus, helping them become familiar with the environment and learn all the things they’ll need to know to be a successful student. UTM has a lot to offer, including academic and social support, fun opportunities to get involved and more...” Read more here.


Student volunteers host Girl Guides for STEM Day at UTM

Eligh, Blake. (2017, March 7). Student volunteers host Girl Guides for STEM Day at UTM. UTM News.

Our volunteers are passionate about encouraging girls to become interested in STEM fields,” she says. “But they also get something out of it, like learning new skills or making new friends.” Read more here.


Alternative Reading Week returns to UTM

Qaiser, Farah. (2017, February 27). Alternative Reading Week returns to UTM. The Medium.

"ARW is a tri-campus initiative, where each Student Life department arranges their respective campus community projects." Read more here.

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2016 Features

University of Toronto Launches Video Game

Screenshot of "Guardians of UTM" video game.

Gwilliam, Maya. (2016, October 20). Univeristy of Toronto Launches Video Game. The Charlatan.

"The University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) is launching a mobile game to help new students transition to university life. The game, called “Guardians of UTM,” is a quest-based adventure revolving around a “mystery intruder” who is selling the school’s secrets to other schools..." Read more here.


Learning grit with CSE

Cover of the book "Grit"

Adhvaryu, Devanshi. (2017, October 17). Learning grit with CSE. The Medium.

Dray Perenic Price, the student development officer at the Centre for Student Engagement stated, “We want our students to deal with failures and adversity in a way that is positive, which can make them more successful.” Read more here.


UTM uses first-of-its-kind mobile game to enhance students' transition into PSE

(2016, October 12). UTM uses first-of-its-kind mobile game to enhance students' transition into PSE. Academica Group.

"The University of Toronto at Mississauga says that it hopes to boost participation in first-year transition programming through the use of a campus-based digital game, reports UTM Student Transition Manager Jackie Goodman says that roughly one in five students currently participates in the school’s programming, but she hopes that the game will boost this number by 30% to 40%..." Read more here.


New UTM students quest, solve puzzles and explore campus through RPG-style game

Screenshot of "Guardians of UTM" game.

Clay, Chris. (2016, October 7). New UTM students quest, solve puzzles and explore campus through RPG-style game. Mississauga News.

"It can be overwhelming for the many students leaving high school to head off for post-secondary learning for the first time. Every year, the University of Toronto Mississauga campus welcomes between 3,500 and 4,000 new students. To help them acclimatize, the campus offers a variety of programs and initiatives, according to Jackie Goodman, UTM’s student transition manager." Read more here.


Fitting in: what it means to be first-gen

Student facing a building wearing a black backpack.

Faisal, Maryam. (2016, September 19). Fitting in: what it means to be first-gen. The Medium.

"The transition from high school to university is a big step—and an even bigger one for first-generation students. These are students who are the first in their family to attend university, or the first to attend university here in Canada. Given that first-generation students are the first of their family to attend university, they may not have developed the same vision or expectations of university life that others may have grasped intuitively..." Read more here.


A new name, a new year: CSE is ready

Outside of the CSE office.

Faisal, Maryam. (2016, September 12). A new name, a new year: CSE is ready. The Medium.

"Price believes that the new name will encourage students to go to their office first as an established student engagement hub. There, the team will be able to help students find ways to get involved on and off campus." Read more here.


Marvel and DC face off

Students in green shirts cheering.

Elnaka, Menna. (2016, September 5). Marvel and DC face off. The Medium.

"Super’16, with a theme of superheroes, took place last week after UTMSU and the Office of Student Transition decided to hold one orientation week together. Last year, UTMSU had complained about creating a competition as the Office of Student Transition held a separate orientation. “The hope was that this [uniting with UTMSU] would better align with the students’ perception of a singular orientation experience,” said Jonathan Hersh, an orientation and outreach coordinator at the Office of Student Transition, in an email to The Medium..." Read more here.


Reading? How about volunteering?

Calendar with 3 dates circled in red and the word "volunteering" written across.

Sharma, Christine. (2016, February 22). Reading? How about volunteering? The Medium.

“All the people on my team were really excited. After listening to the presentations on the first day and going through a full day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., they realized how meaningful this initiative was. We connected really well and it was a genuinely safe space..." Read more here.


Dance class, documentary, and donations as outreach

Students and a professor engaged in a discussion.

Alvi, Fatima. (2016, February 8). Dance class, documentary, and donations as outreach. The Medium.

“It was also great to have the event as part of COEN Week, because it added a twist to what students traditionally think of community engagement. It’s great to work with people so enthusiastic about what they do!” Read more here.


Career speed dating with "human books"

Hangdaan, Kassandra. (2016, January 25). Career speed dating with "human books." The Medium.

"Despite the necessity, it’s not very often that open discussions surrounding topics such as race, gender, religion, and sexuality take place in our day-to-day lives. However, last Wednesday, the Living Library event allowed such dialogues to take place." Read more here.

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2015 Features

Bringing student clubs together with COEN

A student showing their peers a document on a laptop.

Ayub, Mahnoor. (2015, November 23). Bringing student clubs together with COEN. The Medium.

"The primary purpose of COEN, according to Marlo Young-Sponga, a community engagement activity assistant for Student Life, is “to create a network for student organizations involved in community engagement, to offer them training to help them do what they do better." Read more here.


The "Guardians of UTM" are coming

Students in a computer lab.

Mykytenko, Anton. (2015, November 16). The "Guardians of UTM" are coming. The Medium.

 "Something like this has never really been done before for a school,” says Chris Primerano, a fourth-year computer science student. Primerano is the programmer for UTM’s latest ongoing project: a complete UTM-based video game. “There are lots of schools that have done augmented reality apps, but to create a […] gaming app..." Read more here. 


Ready Player One: UTM Students unravel mysteries with new mobile game

Eligh, Blake. (2015, October 9). Ready Player One: UTM Students unravel mysteries with new mobile game. UTM News.

"Starting next year, incoming students will find a mystery waiting for them when they get to U of T Mississauga, thanks to a new mobile game from the Office of Student Transition. Currently in development, Guardians of UTM is designed to help new students find their way around campus and learn how to access important services they’ll need in the years ahead..." Read more here.


Orientation Weeks abound at UTM

Students at orientation tossing a ball into a bucket.

Danesi, Nicole. (2015, September 7). Orientation Weeks abound at UTM. The Medium.

"First-year students had several options when choosing where to celebrate their first week at UTM this year. Aside from UTMSU’s annual frosh week, campus groups welcomed first-year students with festivities hosted by the Muslim Students’ Association and the Office of Student Transition, a new department at UTM, which organized a free Eagles Take Off frosh week. The orientation week included campus tours, sessions on time management and critical reading, a yoga class, and a tour of the nature paths on campus..." Read more here.


Mission: Transition to UTM

Eligh, Blake. (2015, June 23). Mission: Transition to UTM. UTM News.

"Students will find it easier to transition into academic life thanks to a one-of-a-kind program launching at U of T Mississauga in fall 2015. The newly created Office of Student Transition will be dedicated to supporting new students academically and socially, and will provide improved access to the many services available to them..." Read more here.


Going gentle in the good night

Elnaka, Menna. (2015, March 2). Going gentle in the good night. The Medium.

“The cause is really important; I don’t think people know enough about it, so when I saw it, I thought, ‘I really want to do this,’ ” said Noor Rahmeh, a first-year commerce student living on residence. “I thought it was fun—I liked the idea, I liked the hand paint, meeting people, and also supporting the cause.” Read more here.

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2014 and Past Features

Meet the bloggers

Student smiling.

Mihai, Andrea. (2014, December 1). Meet the bloggers. The Medium.

"Midterm stress, wearing sweats, wanting to take naps… How do you remember your transition from high school to university? First-year students Anxhela Adhamidis, Karissa Singh and Parnika Celly are sharing their own experiences in weekly blogs for the utmONE program, which seeks to ease first-years’ transition to university. “[It’s a] platform that allows students to realize that their experiences are valid and to normalize some of that anxiety of the struggle to come to university. It helps students see they are not alone in those struggles,” says Jackie Goodman, first-year transition and academic support coordinator..." Read more here.

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