Buy. Eat. Fill with Quarters. Donate to United Way. Feel Good.

How it works: Keep the tube after enjoying your M&Ms. Fill it with quarters and return full tube ($14) to DV2035C or the designated location specified on the tube for a chance to win a $50 Chapters/Indigo Gift card. Contest closes Dec 1 2017
*Note we will happily accept any cash donations totaling $14

Box locations
•Community on Campus DV2035C
•IMI (2nd floor Kaneff)
•Mississauga Academy of Medicine- 2nd floor Health Science Complex
•Office of the Registrar
•Campus Police
•Centre for Student Engagement DV2077
•Career Centre DV3094
•AccessAbility DV2037
•UTM Bookstore
•Political Science Dept DV3125

Want a box for your office? Contact April Forbes

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