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What is utmONE Scholars Common Hour?

An important part of the Scholars experience at UTM, Common Hour consists of a series of initiatives designed to build a Scholars community and to link your academic activities to out-of-class learning and social engagement opportunities. The Common Hour is your time to explore your academic interests while building your support networks for the coming years.

Scholars Common Hour will include:

utmONE Scholars Common Hour. Banner. Students, staff, and faculty talking and listening at various events.

Common Hour Initiatives 2018-19

Scholars Commencement Reception  Friday, December 2018, 2-4 PM in UTM Room (Former Faculty Club)

Meet and network with your professors and fellow utmONE Scholars, get a glimpse into your second term, and prepare for your enhanced learning journey during the utmONE Scholars Commencement event!

This interactive reception event is scheduled during the Fall Term exam break so that everyone in the Scholars cohort is able to attend before the rush of the exam period.  Use this unique opportunity to get to know your professors before classes begin, boost your confidence and excitement for your second term, and indulge in some popular treats and fun de-stress activities – both precious during the intensive exam prep time!

Scholars Passport 

Document your Scholars journey in your utmONE Scholars Passport! Contributing to your class participation grade, the utmONE Scholars Passport will function as a reflection booklet, a scrapbook, or a record for your attendance of on- and off-campus events and activities, pre-approved by your instructors.

Make your UTM journey your own with your customizable utmONE Scholars passport!



Explore Research Fair – February 15, 2019, 3pm - 5pm

This popular annual event helps utmONE Scholars discover efficient ways of building research skills, identifying undergraduate research opportunities at UTM, and making first successful steps into the exciting world of research. Meet faculty, staff, and experienced senior students who can support you in pursuing research-related positions.  Learn about programs and services to help you build your research portfolio. Your one-stop introduction to all things research-related – this event is not to be missed!

Scholars Symposium – April 15, 2019, 9am - 3pm

As part of their course requirement, all utmONE Scholars students will participate in the Scholars End-of-Year Symposium, presenting their projects and offering feedback to their fellow students. Mimicking the format of an academic or professional conference (from formal panels to breaks with refreshments), the symposium is a unique component in a first-year course. This opportunity to focus on sharing your knowledge and practicing important communication skills within the engaged and friendly Scholars community is a valuable experience for students interested in a wide variety of careers and professions. 


For all questions and feedback regarding utmONE Scholars Common Hour, please contact:

Rebecca Shaw
Student Success Coordinator, Academic Initiatives

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