utmONE Scholars Common Hour

What is utmONE Scholars Common Hour?

Scholars Common Hour is a series of events that complement your academic activities by offering exciting out-of-class learning and networking opportunities. Exclusive to utmONE Scholars, the Common Hour series will include a number of event types such as Explore Workshops, Distinguished Guest Lectures, Faculty Nights, and Knowledge Sharing Workshops. The Common Hour will provide a regular opportunity for all Scholars as well as their instructors to engage in social, intellectual, and explorative activities and build a strong Scholars community and support network for the forthcoming years.  

Common Hour Events

Explore: Research Opportunities at UTM

February 14, 2018

11 AM - 1 PM

Deerfield Atrium

Students, staff, and faculty at Explore Research event in January 2017

utmONE Scholars have an exciting opportunity to learn more about the importance of research skills while also exploring various research opportunities offered by UTM. We invite you to engage with former research program participants, meet professors and staff representatives, learn about previous projects, and familiarize yourself with application requirements. 

Graduate Student Symposium

Feb 28, 2018

10 - 11 AM


Students enroled in utmONE Scholars will be invited to a research symposium of graduate students' work. Ph.D. students will present their research and give insights on how they came to develop their research focus and methodologies. This is a good opportunity to get a glimpse of research in action!


Léa Ravensbergen’s passion for research and writing began while completing an undergraduate research project at McGill University. This lead her to pursue an MA in Geography at the University of Toronto where she examined neighbourhood health inequalities. She is now a geography doctoral candidate at UTM who studies the gender gap in biking. To do so, she works in collaboration with a non-profit organization, Bike Host, that provides a cycling mentorship program to recent immigrants in Toronto

Sasha Weiditch is currently a 5th year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Kanelis here at UTM. She is a structural biologist who is using NMR spectroscopy to understand the inner workings of the most abundant entity on the planet, the bacteriophage. The bacteriophage has the power to infect and kill bacteria, making this organism an exciting topic of study as the prevalence of potent antibiotic resistance is ever increasing

Abdullah Farooqi’s current research looks at the reactions of Muslim communities in late 15th and early 16th century North Africa and Spain to a series of social, political, and religious upheavals. These reactions were framed against a belief - shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims - that the world was imminently about to End. His research asks how these ideas about the end of the world influenced how Muslims viewed themselves, and affected how they interacted with Christians and Jews. More broadly, he is interested in converts and conversion, crusading and jihad/holy war rhetoric, and in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interactions (both in the pre-modern and modern periods).


March 8, 2018

3 – 5 PM,

UTM Room (Formerly Faculty Lounge)

This event is invitational only to students who have taken utmONE Scholars this year and previous years. Benefit from the experiences of upper year Scholars and learn how to progress through your degree with much opportunities and information. Don't forget to take a snap shot at the UTM Scholar's Photo Booth on your way in and out! 


Joint Faculty Panel

March 21, 2018

11AM - 12PM

Location: IB280

Students will have the opportunity to attend a joint faculty panel with the three utmONE Scholar faculty members. Dr. Cowan, Dr. Laliberte and Dr. Chatfield will have a discussion based on the questions:

From your respective fields, what is/are the most pressing issue(s) facing us today?

What are the responses, discourses and conversations?


Stay tuned as we continue to finalize the schedule of events!