utm290H5 Launching your Research: Across the Atlantic and Back Application

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UTM290 Launching your Research: Across the Atlantic and Back is open to currently enrolled and past completers of a utmONE Scholars seminar (UTM191H5, UTM192H5, UTM193H5, UTM195H5, UTM196H5, and UTM197H5) and to students who have recieved an invitation to apply from the Centre for Student Engagement.

Application Deadline: June 3, 2019

Successful applicants will be enrolled in the utm290 course for the 2020 Winter Term and will be notified by email prior to 2nd year course enrollment.

UTM290 Application

*Please note, travel to the Dominican Republic requires a UTM Abroad application in addition to the application below. Please complete both applications.

Essay Question
Historians study the human past, and ecologists study how organisms interact with their environment and each other. How do you think that the field of history can be enriched when historians cooperate with ecologists, and how do you think that the field of ecology can be enriched when ecologists cooperate with historians? Build your answer around real examples, either famous or from your own life.
UTM Abroad application
To attend the International Field-Study experience in the Dominican Republic you must complete a separate application form with UTM Abroad. You can find the application here: http://www.uoft.me/utmabroadapply
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