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I felt it was much more personal and interactive over other courses ... much more stimulating and engaging. ...The course content could be applied in multiple different contexts and disciplines. It let people have to opportunity to incorporate their previous knowledge into different aspects of the course.”


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utmONE Scholars is an application-based program. You must be invited to apply in order to be eligible. Additional applications will not be reviewed. #Benefits of utmONE Scholars


What is utmONE Scholars?

Unlike most first-year classes, utmONE Scholars are small, interactive seminars. Available to a select group of academically successful new students, these classes put an emphasis on developing your critical thinking and effective communication skills. The seminars engage all participants in a variety of guided classroom experiences such as debating ideas, conducting research, and sharing your findings.

Designed and taught by stellar faculty members around themes that inspire curiosity and appeal to a wide variety of interests, utmONE Scholars help students become effective and passionate learners as they discover new horizons of knowledge, collaborate with peers, and voice their opinions in a welcoming environment. Scholars experience also includes Common Hour, a series of events that build your Scholars community and offer exclusive out-of-class learning and networking opportunities. A truly unique opportunity at UTM, utmONE Scholars help students develop solid foundations for further academic and professional success.  


What are the benefits of utmONE Scholars?

Small class size (maximum 25 students per seminar)

Explore fascinating and important areas of knowledge outside of your area of study 

Participate in collaborative and hands-on activities such as debates, group projects, and field trips

Develop solid research skills through active participation

Learn to effectively communicate your ideas  

Advance your academic reading and writing skills

Engage with other highly motivated and academically talented peers

Enjoy Scholars Common Hour Events to further enrich your university journey 

Earn 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements

2019-20 utmONE Scholars seminars

UTM193H5   Nations Colliding (HUM, SSc)
Winter Term Offering

In Canada, the U.S., Australia, Latin America, and all around the globe, Indigenous communities survive and thrive despite centuries of colonial intrusion. This course examines indigeneity in a global context, exploring the diverse, dynamic ways indigenous peoples strive to maintain political and cultural sovereignty.

Instructor: Jedediah Kuhn

UTM196H5   Building Global Justice (HUM, SSc, EXP)
Winter Term Offering

Today’s world presents many challenges to justice with crises in the environment, large scale refugee movements, and economic disparities. This course explores the possibilities for justice utilizing diverse perspectives such as class, race, gender, religion, culture, and power on a global level. How can we devise solutions to these "wicked problems"? 

Instructor: Joan Simalchik 

UTM197H5   Humans in Nature (SCI, SSc, EXP)
Winter Term Offering

We have entered the Anthropocene – a time when human activities have altered Earth’s systems to the point where their capacities to sustain life as we know it are under threat.  How did we get here – and, more importantly, how do we move forward? 

Instructors: Monika Havelka

Launching Your Research (utm290H5) 

All utmONE Scholar alumni are eligible to apply for utmONE Scholars: Launching Your Research (utm290H5) course. This 200-level utmONE Scholars seminar offers an engaging and interactive way to build upon the research skills developed in a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar. You will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience collecting and analyzing data, while also earning a 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements. There will also be an opportunity to participate in an international field-study experience to the Dominican Republic

Read students' blog about research trip in February 2017!  

How do I apply for utmONE Scholars?

utmONE Scholars is an application-based program. You must be invited to apply in order to be eligible. Additional applications will not be reviewed. You can find the application here.

Students for utmONE Scholars will be selected via a competitive application process. All utmONE Scholars applicants will be notified of their application status by the end of June. 


For all questions and feedback regarding utmONE Scholars, please contact:

Rebecca Shaw
Student Success Coordinator, Academic Initiatives

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