utmONE Scholars: Across the Atlantic and Back: A History and Ecology of Exploration, Conquest, and Exchange from 1492 to Now

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The Course

utm290 Launching Your Research "Across the Atlantic and Back: A History and Ecology of Exploration, Conquest, and Exchange from 1492" to Now is open to students are currently enrolled in or have completed a utmONE Scholars course.

(Prerequisites: utm195H5, utm196H5, utm197H5, utm191H5, utm192H5, utm193H5)

Before 1492, no one in Europe ate tomatoes, no one in South America herded cattle, no one in Asia cooked with chili peppers, and no one in North America fell sick with influenza. The exchange of plants, animals, and microbes between the Americas and Afro-Eurasia in the wake of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage across the Atlantic forever changed the world’s histories and ecologies. In this course we will examine these changes, which created global systems and ecological challenges that continue to shape our world today.

This 200-level utmONE Scholars seminar offers an engaging and interactive way to build upon the research skills developed in a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar. You will gain hands-on experience collecting and analyzing data, while also earning a 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements (HUM or SCI). There is also an opportunity to participate in an international field-study experience during the 2019 February reading week. 

The course includes an optional field-study experience to sites of historical and ecological interest in the Dominican Republic. The international field-study experience will occur during the 2019 February Reading Week. There will be an additional fee for this experience. The fee includes flight, room and board, required in-country travel expenses, and insurance. We estimate this cost to range from about $2,500-$3,000 (cost will be finalized by September). Please note, bursaries exist to help alleviate some of the overall expenses.  

*As an integral learning experience, this field-study trip is highly recommended. 

Read student blog about February 2017 research trip!  

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This is an application-based course. All students who are currently enrolled in, or have completed, a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar are eligible to apply. Applications from utmONE Scholars students from any academic discipline are welcome! 

Application Form

Please apply using this form. Applications are open from January 22 to February 16, 2018.

More Information 

For all questions and feedback regarding utmONE Scholars UTM290H5, the application package and/or its components, please contact:

Svitlana Frunchak
Student Success Coordinator, Academic Initiatives

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