President's Scholars of Excellence Program

President's Scholars of Excellence Program (PSEP). Banner. The UTM Instructional Centre building.

What is PSEP?

Welcome to the UTM President's Scholars of Excellence Community!

PSEP distinction is offered to a small number of highly qualified students. At UTM, PSEP offers the following privileges:

  • An entrance scholarship in your first year
  • Guaranteed admission to a utmONE Scholars seminar
  • Participation in a unique faculty-student mentorship program
  • Guaranteed access to part-time meaningful on-campus employment during your second year, up to a maximum of 10 hours per week.
  • Guaranteed access to an international learning opportunity during your university studies.  Please note that this guarantee does not include funding, but financial assistance may be available if you have demonstrable financial need.
  • Access, after the first year of study, to a research experience, provided a minimum B+ GPA is maintained.

For more information about PSEP eligibility (particularly for prospective students), please see the PSEP Scholarship webpage.

PSEP Guarantees Sessions

All PSEP recipients are invited to several PSEP Guarantees Sessions. Each session offers an exclusive opportunity for UTM PSEP students to meet with UTM professionals and senior UTM students and learn about amazing opportunities to enhance your academic experience. Stay tuned for email updates about the sessions!

Faculty-Student Mentorship Program

Access to a faculty mentor is a unique opportunity for you to develop a close relationship with an academic expert in your chosen field and get valuable advice and guidance early in your academic career. Use this program to give yourself a powerful boost as you embark on your new and exciting journey at UTM. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your mentor at least once a month throughout the academic year. 

PSEP Inquiries

For all questions and feedback regarding President's Scholars of Excellence Program (PSEP), please contact:

Jackie Goodman
Manager, Orientation, Transition & Engagement