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What is Eagle2Eagle Summer

During the months of July and August, Upper Year UTM students will be calling all of the newly admitted students to officially welcome them to UTM.

The purpose of the call is to help you prepare for the upcoming deadlines that will take place during the summer, give you information about Orientation, and answer any questions you may have. We might have a helpful hint or two to share.

Who are we?

Our Upper Year students are engaged students from the same academic stream as you (Science, Business, Social Sciences and Humanities) who have previous experience in mentorship and leadership programs at UTM and are knowledgable about life on campus.

What do I need to do?

You just need to keep your contact details up to date in ACORN

If you happen to miss our call, don't worry! We will make every attempt to reach you at a later date. We look forward to speaking with you!

If you have any questions before you get your call, you can reach out to eagle2eagle@utoronto.ca.

International Students

We have setup a series of online chats catered just for International students to give you a big welcome to UTM and Canada.  Chats will be held at differnent times to accomodate many times zones and will take place between July 17th - July 28th.

Check your emails in mid-July for your invitation to the online chats.

Some comments from New Students

Read what some students have said about the phone calls:

"I was so suprised that UTM called me before classes started.  I was able to get all my questions answered and get help with enrolling in Orientation."

"This call was so helpful...I didn't realize all the things I needed to do before classes started.  And [the student who called] was so friendly and took the time to answer all my questions.  They totally knew what I was going through because they had been there."

Summer Newsletter

In addition to the calls, to help you get started before your first day of classes, this weekly summer newsletter will keep you informed on important dates and reminders, fun challenges, and tips and tricks for jump starting your university journey.