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Invited students can apply here! Deadline extended to June 14, 2020 (11:59 pm EST)

Register to attend our utmONE Scholars Information Session (Online) on Monday, June 8 @ 2:00 PM EST.  Meet the professors and the program coordinator and find out more about utmONE Scholars.  Register here: https://baseline.campuslabs.ca/uotam/scholarsinfosession

Contact Rebecca Shaw, Student Success Coordinator with your questions about utmONE Scholars, rebecca.shaw@utoronto.ca.

What is utmONE Scholars?

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The utmONE Scholars program consists of unique for-credit first-year seminars designed to provide a collaborative classroom experience to incoming high-achieving students interested in developing university-level research and communication skills.

Invited students who are interested in exploring intellectually stimulating themes and topics in a supportive small-sized seminar should apply and get a head start on their research career at UTM.

The utmONE Scholars program is application based and space is limited.  Eligible students will receive an invitation by email and are welcome to apply online before June 14, 2020.  Check your email for your invitation!

Successful applicants will be notified before first-year course enrolment opens in July and will be automatically enrolled in their utmONE Scholars seminar.

What are the benefits of utmONE Scholars?

  • Supportive classroom environment.  Each seminar is capped at 25 students.  You’ll have one-on-one access to your instructor, and you will build strong interpersonal connections with other highly motivated and academically talented peers.
  • Focus on collaboration.  Experiential learning is embedded within the class meetings.  You’ll collaborate on an enriching class project designed to examine multiple perspectives on the course theme.
  • Strong academic foundations.  You will gain valuable academic skills including enhanced communication and writing skills, critical thinking, and university-level research skills.
  • A Scholars Community!  Exclusive Scholar’s Collective events are facilitated so that you can connect with your community and further develop your personal and academic goals outside of the classroom.  Previous events have included:
    • Creative Connections Social (Scholars got to know each other while creating seasonal crafts during the Fall Term before starting utmONE Scholars.  Past Scholars also attended to share their experience with the program)
    • Board Game Social (Scholars participated in stress-relief activities including board games during mid-term season)
    • Scholars Research Fair (Scholars engaged with interactive roundtable discussions with faculty, staff and students about undergraduate research opportunities at UTM)
    • Engaging Presentations Workshop (Scholars participated in a peer-leader facilitated workshop designed to improve presentation skills and build confidence for the Scholars Symposium)
    • Scholars Symposium (A 3-hour symposium consisting of group poster and research presentations, instead of a traditional final exam)

2020-21 utmONE Scholars Seminars

utmONE Scholars seminars in 2020-21 are delivered by the NEW Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy (ISUP) in partnership with the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC).

UTM193H5   Nations Colliding (HUM, SSc) Winter Term

In Canada, the U.S., Australia, Latin America, and all around the globe, Indigenous communities survive and thrive despite centuries of colonial intrusion. This course examines indigeneity in a global context, exploring the diverse, dynamic ways indigenous peoples strive to maintain political and cultural sovereignty.

Instructor: Jedediah Kuhn

UTM197H5   Humans in Nature (SCI, SSc, EXP) Winter Term 

We have entered the Anthropocene – a time when human activities have altered Earth’s systems to the point where their capacities to sustain life as we know it are under threat.  How did we get here – and, more importantly, how do we move forward? 

Instructor: Monika Havelka


Rebecca Shaw, Student Success Coordinator
Room 3125, William G. Davis Building (Find us on a map here!)

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