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Contact Rebecca Shaw, Student Success Coordinator with your questions about utmONE, rebecca.shaw@utoronto.ca.

What is utmONE?

Click here for more information about the benefits of utmONE The utmONE consists of for-credit first-year transition courses designed to help you transition to university and develop your academic skills.  

These mid-size classes include lectures, academic tutorials and ONE Tutorials.  ONE Tutorials are designed to enhance a well-rounded student experience and to help you integrate into university and campus life.

Incoming first-year students who want to build a strong foundation for their university career will benefit from enrolling in a utmONE course.  Students can enrol in these engaging and unique courses through ACORN on their course enrolment date.

What are the benefits?

  • Supportive classroom – utmONE classes are smaller than most first-year classes.  This means you’ll have more personal contact with your instructor, TA and fellow students.  You’ll get to know your classmates and work together more than you might in a larger class.
  • Academic foundations – the skills you are taught in utmONE aren’t only meant to support your success in the utmONE courses, but to support you in your other courses and through your entire degree. 
  • Holistic student success – In class and in tutorial you’ll get to explore topics that will help you to become a part of the UTM community.  For example, you’ll explore the ways you can get involved that will support your interests and your academics, and you’ll find out more about how to be proactive about seeking support and connecting to the campus resources that will help you succeed.
  • Distribution Requirements - Both UTM115 and UTM118 provide 0.5 credits that can be counted toward your distribution requirements.

2020 - 21 utmONE Courses

UTM115H5  Communication Among Cultures  (HUM, SSc, EXP) Fall Term

Instructor: Laura Taylor

Suitable for English Language Learners and students interested in culture, linguistics and communication.

Explore the fundamental skills related to language in an academic setting; writing and speaking.  The course will focus on topics such as customs, beliefs and values, and the nature of diversity in communication.

UTM118H5   Science of Learning (SCI, SSc, EXP) Offered in both Fall and Winter Term

Instructors: Tyler Evans-Tokaryk, Michael DeBraga, Jonathan Vroom, Michael Kaler

Suitable for all first-year students.

Take ownership of your education in this course focussed on the process of learning and cultivating successful learning habits.  Explore learning theory, critical thinking, university-level oral and written communication, critical reading and other foundational academic skills.




Rebecca Shaw, Student Success Coordinator
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