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O-Week is free and all new-to-UTM students can participate! Visit our official webpage to see why you want to save the date for this year's O-Week! Visit us again in July for schedule and registration details!

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You can also read and watch our teaser trailer below to learn more about what was included in UTM's free O-Week package- Read below!

Come discover the UTM campus and meet new friends as you become prepared for your first week of classes! Our events also offer academic preparation, and interaction with many campus resources available to make your transition into university a successful one. To learn more about the other exciting Orientation events that occur at UTM, you can visit Orientation & Campus Supports on the New Students website.

O-Week 2017 Schedule Highlights!

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Welcome & Invocation Ceremony           

  • Your official welcome to UTM! Here, students receive their University of Toronto Mississauga lanyard and full information about the many events offered during O-Week. 

Academic Department Orientation

  • Academic Department Orientations are designed to welcome students to their departments and programs and to make them feel at home and at ease from day one. Attend an ADO to learn about important support resources that are vital to the successful transition to university, understand expectations and policies specific to department/program and academic discipline, and connect with faculty members, staff, and other students. 

O-Week Fair

  • This is where students meet and learn all about the variety of campus resources that are available to support them as a new to UTM student. There are over 40 booths to interact with! Play some games, enjoy some festival-like treats and entertainment, and win some prizes!

Campus and Departmental Tours

  • Don't know how to find your way around the campus? Having difficulty figuring out where your classes will be? No idea where you can find a Starbucks? Never fear, upper year student mentors are here! Participate in a general campus tour or a departmental tour...or both!

Taste of UTM

  • Interested in what UTM students can be involved in during the fall and winter term? This event allows students to roam around the beautiful UTM campus and drop-in on any activities that catch their eye to get a 'taste' of the many UTM experiences that they will have the opportunity to participate in!

UTM Real Talk Sessions          

  • Let's get real, there is a whole lot to navigate in university. Learn crucial information that will be real-ly helpful as a new to UTM student!
  • Sessions are themed in three different categories: UTM Real-Talk-Academic Success, UTM Real Talk-Get Involved, UTM Real Talk-Health & Wellness.  

The Bubble Impact

  • Your happiness is just a few bubbles away! UTM students will unite and explore Lislehurst and along the way, will blow bubbles! It is a great time to spread positivity before classes begin and revisit one's childhood self before embarking on the new journey as an adult! 
  • Create a customized O-Week t-shirt in preparation to wear for the closing bubble parade!         

The First Lecture: UTM Talks

  • Come listen to UTM's amazing professors and graduates talk about their passions and the impact that they are having at UTM and in society through new ideas, ground-breaking research, and enlightening experiences.
  • Hear from globally recognized individuals and be inspired through the first UTM lecture! Click here to learn more about who our featured speakers were in 2017.

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