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2016/2017 First-Year Blogs

Our 2016-2017 team of first-year bloggers shared their experiences as a new UTM student with you! Read more about the first year experiences of AqsaEmma, and Janina on Wordpress below!

A photo of Aqsa Alam, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.

A photo of Emma Koenig, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.

A photo of Janina Malapitan, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Aqsa: What do you Mean, Summer’s Over? 3 Ways to Prepare for University
Emma: 3 Lessons from My First 3 Weeks of University
Janina: My University Limbo: Becoming Myself


Aqsa:  Tea Time is Me TimeDaily De-Stresser Review Series: Over the Garden Wall
Emma: 7 Tips for Surviving a University Paper4 Ways That UTM Students Totally Prove That We’re All in This Together
Janina: Discover my Secret to Commuting That Makes Every Trip Exciting…UTM Recap #1: The Good and Not-So-Good StuffMy First Fall Reading Week Was Everything I Hoped For, Here’s Why…HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?Sundays with The Medium


Aqsa: Hate Studying? Personalize it!Poet’s Corner: “This Bird”The Cruel Beauty of WinterDaily De-Stresser Review Series: Mob Psycho 100
Emma: How One Letter Changed My Entire DayWhich UTM Building Are You Most Like?The H.M.S Anxiety3 Ways to Increase Your Free Time, or at Least Make It Feel That Way…7 Proofreading Hacks For Essay Success!Dear America: What Happened?
Janina: FIGHT THE FEES: National Day of ActionPost-Election Reflection“A Little Life”: A Torturous Novel You Won’t be Able to Put DownUTM Hidden Gem: Course Reserves (!!!)


Aqsa: “Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 1: What Exactly Is a Bird Course?“Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 2: How ‘Easy Courses’ May Be Hurting You“Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 3: How to Pick the Right Course“I’m spending too much!” Apparently, not.
Emma: Quiz Yourself! What’s Your Ideal UTM Study Space?Can The Procrastination Problem Be Solved?The Must-See Musical For Your Winter BreakExam Time Do’s and Don’tsThe Winter Break and Ways to Spend The Final Days of 2016!
Janina: Here’s Why Every University Student Should Have A Morning RoutineWhy I Journal…


Aqsa: “Learning to Fail”: How An Odd Paradox Can Help You Succeed“Learning to Fail” Story 1: PerseveranceNew Year, Old Me, with Determination and a Card Tower…How to Write A”Truck-Stop Burrito” Written Piece and Ace Your Midterm Essay
Emma: Canadian Politics: Less Racist Is Not a High Enough Standard (Part 1/2)Canadian Politics: Less Racist Is Not a High Enough Standard (Part 2/2)Four Books for Your Next 4 Months of SchoolWant to Write Better Essays? Take Philosophy
Janina: New Year Series Part 1: Becoming a MinimalistNew Year Series Part 2: Living in the PresentUTM Recap #2: My first university term is over!!!6 Ways to Get Organized for the New YearWhy Taking a utmONE Course Was One of the Best Choices I’ve Made in University


Aqsa: How UTM’s Nature Trail Improved My Uni ExperienceOne Thing You Shouldn’t Do on Your Commute.Enough Small Talk! How to Make Real Friendships While at UTM
Emma: 5 Tips for More Efficient and Effective Note-TakingLove True Crime Stories? This Podcast Is for You!3Tips for Keeping Your Commuter Sanity
Janina: New Year Series Part 3: Overcoming FailureWant to make your study breaks more fun? Try Le Cinema ClubNo Ban! No Wall! Justice For All!

2015/16 First-Year Blogs

Everyone, meet our wonderful 2015-2016 bloggers! From left to right, we have Maanya, Mahika, and Sadaf. These awesome individuals blogged about their first-year at UTM. You can check out their individual blogs by clicking on their photo below.

A photo of Maanya Khanna, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2015-2016 year.

A photo of Mahika Phutane, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2015-2016 year.

A photo of Sadaf Ahmad-Salman, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2015-2016 year.


Maanya: Superhero; Holy Cow! School is Upon us and WOW is it Heavy; Hippopotamuses (And the Campus Deer) Don't Believe in God
Mahika: Am I UTM?; Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Say Hi!; "What I Wish I Knew In First Year"
Sadaf: New Step in Life; How to make an emergency school kit; Calm before the storm


Maanya: 5 Things to Know About Our Beloved Campus Deer; The Arcana Magician says, what are you waiting for? Go find an adventure!; The Wheel of Fortune Says: Look, Look, Look Again Until You've Lost it!; Scream Bloody Mary; we Have a Ghost on Campus!
Mahika: SURVIVAL TIPS; Behind The Podium, with Prof Arnold (1); Behind The Podium, with Prof Arnold (2); Is That Mark Out of a 100?
Sadaf: Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!; Quick Reminder; study tips; How to Deal with Failure; Life is spontaneous so learn to embrace it


Maanya: Here Come the 1st Years for Next Year!; The Things that Make Our Profs Awesome; Little Sis, Just You Wait, Our Parents Have Things to Say; Dear Little Sister, I wish I was you
Mahika: How to Write the Perfect Thesis; S T [break] U D Y; Commuter Nightmares; No Direction
Sadaf: Christmas Takeover; Hack-a-Thon Adventure


Mahika: High School Friends - Where Art Thou?

2014/15 First-Year Blogs

 Anxhela, Parnika, and Karissa. 

Anxhela A.Parnika C. and  Karissa S. 

September 2014

Anxhela: "Of Course I Have Plenty of the Summer Left" and Other Lies I Tell Myself; Wait- was that price in dollars?; Sniffle, sniffle; P for Procrastination; The Art of Chaos
Parnika: Let's do this!Life Lesson 1Start of UniversityPrinci-pal"We are from 'SAUGA! Mighty MISSISSAUGA!"Oh, the IronyPleasure, Pain, and a Bit of Fun
Karissa: My Golden Ticket; YOFU - You Only Frosh OnceGive it a Chance!The Profs Don't Bite


Anxhela: Heads or tails?; Notes, notes, and more notes; Gobble, Gobble; I got a WHAT percent???
Parnika: Home; Duck, Duck, Poop; Anything That Can Go Wrong...; Don't Sweat It!; Giving Thanks; Wanna Study, Buddy? 
Karissa: Midterm Madness!; There's No Place Like Home; What We Miss Most About High School; Things We Really Need to Stop Saying

November and December

Anxhela: Leave the Kit Kat, take the break; Thrills, Chills, and CHOCOLATEEEEE; 10 Things I Hate About You...and you...and you too; To Highlight or Not to Highlight; Just Three Little Words and I'm Yours; I Hate Winter; New Year's Resolution
Parnika: Rez-oweenThe Lion, The Witch, and the Airplane; Just Keep Swimming; Restless Heartbreak; Let It Go-Er...Snow!; Shakespeare for Students; O Christmas TreeStudent in Wonderland
Karissa: It's That Time of Year....; Out with the Old, In With the New; If You Never Start, You Never Finish; Why it's Different This Year...

January 2015

Anxhela: The Boys (and Girls) Are Back in TownLonely Days aka University aka not really, it's a song be the Bee GeesWho said eating healthy sucked?How To Make Yourself Laugh - A Guide From One of the Funniest People in the WorldCatching Up AgainI Can't Believe I'm Really Going To Fall Out BoyStuff Every College Student Should Know
Parnika: Into the Term; The Soft-Ness Monster; How To Get To Know A New Place; A Sonnet for Tim Hortons (And Just Generally Cafes On Campus); 10 Ways You Know It's Winter In Canada; The Disney Sing-Along Series- Part 1
Karissa: First Semester: The Mistakes We Shouldn't Repeat; The Torture of 8am Classes; Calling All Movie-Watchers!; Dear High Schoo Me


Anxhela: Baby, it's cold outside; Dear High School Me; The Existential Crisis; Major Differences
Parnika: Return of the Homesick; The Disney Sing-Along Series - Part 2; Things I Love; The Disney Sing-Along Series - Part 3; The End Credits
Karissa: Passion > Ph.D; Eenie Meenie Miney Mo...; From the Courthouse to the Congo

2013 - 2014 First-Year Blogs   

 Hanna, Emily and Estelle.

 (from left to right): Hanna Y.Emily G. and  Estelle A. 

September 2013

Hanna: So Excited to Get Started!First Day InShould I Stay or Should I Go?Ever Wish for a Timeturner?QuizzesAre Profs Robots?
Estelle: DecisionsThe Friendship AlgorithmLetter to My Future SelfThe Ring GameThe Downsides of Too Much Flexibility
Emily: Decisions, DecisionsIt's Only Been 3 Weeks You Say? Really? Wow.OH AWKS!The Things People SayThere's a First Time for EverythingUniversity Here I Come: What Could Possible Go Wrong?


Hanna:!!!Math ChallengesPlacement5 Ways to WellbeingProofsMidterm-Mania
Estelle: Why You NEED to Take Study BreaksMidterm Anxieties
Emily: Fight or FlightWho Knew?Welcome to the Danger ZoneThose Pesky NervesWhy Me!?! (cough, cough),Coffee BreakThe Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Hanna: Beware of the Monsters at UTMNamesLove is in the Air <3Common University DilemmasStress SnacksWrecking BallWriting My First University EssayI <3 My Goofy, Gorgeous, Lame, Incredible FriendsWhat NOT to do in CalculusS.O.D. (Sweater-Obsessive Disorder)
Estelle: Group Projects: Hidden BenefitsPublic Speaking FearsReflectionsThe Locker AdvantageWhen It's Just Too MuchWhat YOU Should Know About Academic IntegrityTo Go or Not to Go to the Gym
Emily: What Do You Do When You Just Don't Know What To Do?Someone's in the Kitchen...and She Probably Shouldn't BeParental GuidanceMy Top 10 Classroom Pet Peeves...(REALLY? You Have to do that Now?)Eighteen...or Eighty?Getting InvolvedConfessions of a Chronic Procrastinator/NapperA Post-Midterm Lull and a Wake-Up Call


Hanna: Friendly ReminderMr. Darcy vs. Exam Prep
Estelle: Stress EatingA Chat with Jennifer Correiro, Founder of TakingITGlobalDear ReadersRelfections on My utmONE Connect Experience
Emily: Best. Gift. Ever.What Am I Still Doing Here?Let's Take a Moment to ReflectSnow Way...Good Things to KnowWhat Does That Say?What a Mess!Leaving it 'Til the Last Minute

January 2014

Hanna: Major Math LoverOn the Bright SideLove (your Prof) at First Sight?Job JourneyCounting BlessingsDrawing NotesMortifiedWhere I Belong
Estelle: A Time for Rest and ReflectionReflections on my utmONE Connect ExperienceutmONE Chats with Poonam Sandhu of the United Nations Environment ProgrammeutmONE Chats with Emilie Cushman, CEO of Kira TalentT.V. Shows ManiaCrush
Emily: When Things Go from Bad to WorseI’m Baaaaack!Life Skills: Plumbing EditionLife Skills Part 2: Electrical EditionNew TechnologyWhat More Can I Say?What are You Doing With Your Life?Why is it So Cold?Too Smart for My Own Good


Hanna: My AddictionDrawing Notes Part 2Drawing Notes Part 3Life with the ParentalsWhat to do on Valentine’s DayPickup Lines19th Birthday FunReading Week ToastReflection
Estelle: Because Summer is the Perfect Time to Challenge Yourself!All About Valentine’s DayRevolutionize Your Love Life: Tell People You Like ThemGuilty Pleasures…The Boy and the ElevatorThe Reading Week BreezeThe End of My utmONE Blogging Adventure
Emily: Things that Don’t Make SenseSpoiled RottenThe Little Things…So Many ChoicesWhat Did People Do Before the Internet?A Complicated RelationshipSo Many Distractions...Second Time’s the CharmDissecting Social ChangeBecause, Well, You Never Know…(a Blog), The Things I’ve LearnedWhy Blog?