New Students

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We are delighted you have chosen to make UTM your home for the next few years! We have designed a special line-up of programming especially for you. Through both our for-credit and co-curricular offerings, you will learn more about this wonderful community and meet the people you will soon call friends. We are here to support you through the inevitable trials and tribulations experienced as one enters a new stage in life. Our programming will answer your questions and set you forward on your pathway toward graduation. 

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The programming offered to new students contributes to the following goals:

Cultivate foundational academic skills

  • Encourage healthy habits of practice that support academic success
  • Facilitate the development of core academic skills, including communication skills

Promote depth and breadth of knowledge

  • Spark intellectual curiosity
  • Provide opportunities for engagement within and across disciplines as well as with the UTM and Mississauga communities
  • Introduce opportunities for the application of academic knowledge and the development of practical skills

Develop civic and community engagement

  • Promote school and community pride
  • Provide opportunities to meet students with similar interests
  • Introduce students to the value of co-curricular engagement

Encourage personal development

  • Promote self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Facilitate the development of medium and long term goals
  • Support students as they navigate through change

Support students negotiating the system

  • Define university academic expectations
  • Introduce university policies and procedures
  • Encourage use of resources on campus