Academic Coaching Program Workshops

ACP group workshops are co-facilitated by a professional instructor and a peer-mentor. Two hours in duration, each workshop offers a dynamic learning environment that incorporates educational instruction and social activities focused on four themes that will support your transition to university: 

Workshop One: Active Learning and Note-Taking

Description: Reflect on the impact of note taking on your learning experiences during lectures, reading, group work, and doing research. Identity effective note taking strategies and methods applicable to your personal learning styles.  

Workshop Two: Time Management and Reducing Procrastination

Description: Critically evaluate your study and work style preferences and the degree of procrastination.  Explore important principles of efficient self-organization in university environment as well as available tools to help you manage your time and identify strategies that work best for you.

Workshop Three: Finding Purpose and Motivation

Description: Work with your peers to identify important factors to consider when choosing programs of study and career pathways. Develop a responsible and open-minded approach to planning your studies and future career to boost your motivation and confidence.

Workshop Four: Focusing and Mindfulness 

Description: Consider what impact feeling overloaded and getting continuously distracted can have on your work and well-being. Explore tools and practices that help students stay focused and remain “at ease” and efficient during busy times.