Teaching & Learning Cafés

Reflecting on your teaching practice is critical to faculty learning and development. It can help you find solutions to challenges that arise within the learning environment. Teaching & Learning Cafés provide an opportunity to reflect on how the term has been going, to ask any questions that may have come up, and to connect with your colleagues. 

A morning and evening Teaching & Learning Café will be offered once a month on Tuesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 10am. 

September Teaching & Learning Cafés

Theme: Conversations 

October Teaching & Learning Cafés

November Teaching & Learning Cafés

Dates of Winter 2022 Teaching & Learning Cafés: 

  • January 18, February 8, March 8 (Tuesdays at 8pm) 
  • January 20, February 10, March 10 (Thursdays at 10am)