Institute for Management & Innovation

Image of the Innovation Complex


A physical and intellectual nexus of 21st-century innovation.


Today’s competitive economic climate requires strategic managers with sector-specific expertise who understand how innovative breakthroughs actually work and how to maximize their full potential.

The Institute for Management and Innovation builds on our multidisciplinary tradition of studies in management, accounting, biotechnology, innovation strategy and sustainability, and apply this knowledge to innovative sectors that are driving today’s growth.

Drawing on the strengths of an entire campus and enriched by the resources of U of T as well as business and government partners, the institute is a school in which various management disciplines work together to produce future leaders in science-based enterprises, societal organizations and various leading professions.

The Institute for Management and Innovation:

  • Generates new knowledge
  • Builds competitive advantage for regional and national industry
  • Inspires experiential opportunities in which students combine classroom and laboratory learning with real-world work
  • Fosters a culture of innovation throughout our communities and educational partners
  • Builds on U of T Mississauga’s core professional graduate and undergraduate programs: Master of Biotechnology; Master of Management of Innovation; our new Master of Science in Sustainability Management; Master of Management and Professional Accounting; Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce