UTMSU Room & Table Booking

UTMSU Room & Table Booking

UTMSU Room Booking

UTMSU recognized student clubs and societies have access to space booking in the Student Centre. The Presentation Room, Board Room, Red Room, and Meeting Room are all free to book for UTMSU recognized groups. 

The Blind Duck is also a bookable space for student group; however, it is a paid space. The cost is subsidized by the UTMSU for clubs and societies. The Blind Duck’s policy regarding student group bookings is set by the General Manager of the Blind Duck.

Visit the Blind Duck page for more details

To book any rooms in the Student Centre, please use the online booking system provided on the UTMSU website. Only Presidents or other designated individuals will have access to the system. If you have no login authorization but should, please contact the Student Centre Office Manager to obtain authorization.

Click here to view a list of the rooms available for booking in the Student Centre

UTMSU Table Bookings

UTMSU recognized student groups also have access to table booking in the Student Centre, which can also be arranged through the online booking system provided on the UTMSU website. Table bookings can be made no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event.

Tables must be obtained from the Student Centre InfoBooth in the beginning of the booking and must be returned to the InfoBooth to be put away after the booking. The InfoBooth will collect a student card from one of the group executives when a table is obtained - the Student Card will be returned to the group when the table is returned to the InfoBooth Staff.

UTMSU Booking Process

All Student Centre bookings are to be made using the online booking system provided on the UTMSU website. Please ensure that you cancel a booking if your group no longer needs it so that other groups may use the space.

Please note: At least two-thirds (2/3) of the people attending a student group event in one of the Student Centre rooms must be UTM students

To book a room, student groups must adhere to the following rules and processes:

  1. Obtain a login authorization to the online booking system from the Campus Groups Coordinator or the Internal Coordinator. 
    • Please note: Access will only be given to the President(s) or other designated individual(s)
  2. Go to the UTMSU website online and click on the “Student Centre Bookings” link under “Services” and "Student Center"
  3. Use your UTORID and password in order to log in
  4. Book the space of your choice at your desired time

After your events, ensure that:

  • all furniture has been returned to its original place 
  • all your items have been removed from the rooms 
  • rooms are left clean and tidy

If the room is damaged or garbage has been left behind, a minimum housekeeping charge of $50 will be billed to the club. If any rules or regulations outlined by the University of Toronto or UTMSU are broken, the club will lose their booking privileges.

Contact Information

To obtain more information on the Student Centre booking system, please contact:

Athisaya Satgururajah

UTMSU Office Manager