UTMSU Office Space & Locker

UTMSU Office & Locker Space

Application Process

  1. Complete an Office Application Form or Locker Request Form from the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) website. This is typically completed as a part of the annual Re-recognition package.
    • Please note: Completion of the application form does not guarantee an Office or Locker space. The UTMSU will inform you if your group has received a space.
  2. If you have been approved by the UTMSU to receive an office – Pay the $10.00 deposit for every group executive that is receiving a key and complete the Student Centre Key Card Agreement Form (must be typed).

Office Deposit Fees

Each group executive receiving a key to the office space must submit a $10.00 deposit at the beginning of the school year, which will be returned to them given the key is also returned.

If a key is not returned, the group executive forfeits their $10.00 deposit.

If a key is misplaced, the group will need to submit another $20.00 payment in addition to the $10.00 deposit to pay for the replacement key.

Office Hours

If granted an office, the executives of the student organization must collectively conduct a total of 10 hours per week of office hours, which can only be fulfilled during the time when the Student Centre Info Booth is open and operating. The schedule for office hours must be posted outside the office at all times and the Clubs Coordinator may perform spot checks to ensure compliance with policy. If office hours are not performed, the UTMSU warning system will be implemented as office spaces are provided by the UTMSU.

If your group must perform office hours outside of the operating hours of the Student Centre Info Booth, you may request permission from UTMSU by submiting an extension request with the following information:

  • Names and phone numbers of the executives who will be present in the office during the timeframe(s)
    • Please note: Only these individual(s) will have permission to access the office during the extension time.
  • Proposed extension time

The request must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the time proposed and the submission must be typed and e-mailed to the Clubs Coordinator as an attachment.

If individuals other than those mentioned in the initial extension request are found in the office during the extended times and a change to the request was not submitted in writing (24 hours prior to the extension time) the group may lose all privileges, including recognition.

Policy and Guidelines

Office spaces provided by the UTMSU are subject to policies and guidelines of the UTMSU and the University. Please read the following policy guidelines carefully and follow accordingly:

  • Office spaces are part of the University of Toronto, and thus subject to the University’s policies and guidelines
  • UTMSU is not liable for damages or property loss, thus groups are advised against leaving valuables in the office unattended
  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited from office space
  • Individuals may only be in the office when in the presence of a key-holding executive
  • Office spaces should not be solely used as storage spaces and the office should be maintaining regular office hours
    • If any group uses their office space for only storage, the privilege to the office space will be revoked
  • UTMSU furniture in the office space must not be removed from office
  • Office windows may only be covered 1/3 of the way from the floor up