UTMSU Funding Opportunities

UTMSU Funding

Club funding is allocated to clubs by two methods: Long Term Funding (divided into the initial Long Term Funding Application and the year-end Financial Statement) and Short Term Funding. The deadline for funding applications ican be found on the UTMSU website, but may be changed at the discretion of the VP Campus Life or the Campus Groups Coordinator.

In order to be eligible for funding through UTMSU, student groups must:

  • be recognized by UTMSU

  • attend two of the mandatory Training Sessions during the academic year 

  • submit an up-to-date (re) recognition package to the UTMSU, which includes:

    • detailed breakdown of finances for all events during the school year
    • bank statements from the previous year and the current bank account

It is the club’s responsibility to keep the Campus Groups Coordinator up to date on any changes. The Campus Groups Coordinator and the Clubs Committee reserves the right to require a Club to resubmit a budget if deemed inaccurate or if it does not follow the guidelines.

Funding will be allocated to student groups based on the following criteria:

  • Club Awards and nominations

  • Total UTMSU club budget and amount of funding requested

  • Size of active membership

  • Quality of events planned

  • Frequency of events planned

  • Previous spending habits

  • Audit report from previous year

Long Term Funding

Student groups are considered for long term funding based on their submitted events list for the entire school year (including tentative dates), which includes the anticipated budget. The budget should outline the anticipated revenues and expenses for each event. This form is submitted as part of the (re) recognition package, so all student organizations should be assessed for long term funding if they are applying for (re) recognition. Based on this submission (and other conditions listed above), the Clubs Committee will allocate a budget to the club - otherwise known as their funding allocation.

Short Term Funding

In the event that a club needs financial support for an extra occasion not stated in their Long-term Funding application, they are entitled to submit a Short Term Funding application. The application also requires a submission of a detailed breakdown of the event in question and the amount requested.

Emergency Funding

In the event that a club needs financial support for an unforeseen cost, they are entitled to submit an Emergency Funding application. This consists of a detailed breakdown of the event and the amount requested.

Additional UTMSU Funding

In addition to the long term and short term funding available, the UTMSU also offers a few additional funding opportunities to support student groups:

Funds Associated Department Description
Collaboration Fund University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union (UTMSU)

Financial support for events held by student groups in collaboration with at least two (or more) other student groups

Green Grants University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union (UTMSU)

Grant for student groups looking to exercise sustainable initiatives

For more information, please contact sustainability@utmsu.ca