Senior Election Officer (SEO)

Senior Election Officer (SEO)

The Senior Election Officers are chosen at the beginning of the year. A call-out for students is put out. Students are then selected and trained at a 1-hour training session. Upon successful fulfillment of the role, SEO’s are also eligible to receive recognition on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

The Role of the SEO

  • Meeting with the President/Executive members to learn more about the election needs
  • Connecting with the candidates to receive appropriate information to facilitate the election
  • Setting dates and times for the application period, campaign period, and election period
  • Communicating the election details and results to the student organization members
  • Communicating regularly with the UTMSU and the Centre for Student Engagement if any issues or concerns arise
  • Take action to appropriately deal with election related issues in an ethical and fair way


The Senior Election Officer is selected by the UTMSU.

Please refer to their website for more information on how to become an SEO.