Approvals for In-Person Activities

Students huddled around table. "Approvals for In-person Activities".

*DECEMBER 16, 2021 UPDATE: In light of the University of Toronto's announcement to delay in-person activity until January 31, 2022, EAT submissions will not be accepted or reviewed by UTM until mid-January. Please refer to UTogether for official updates.*

If you are a Ulife recognized group, you are able to use UTM spaces to run an event on campus during this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. See UTMTogether for all up to date information on the Unveristy's response to COVID-19.  Please ensure you follow these steps to be approved for an in-person event: 

1. Complete this form, indicating the intended date, time, venue & type of event. 

2. Once you have completed the form, the UTM student group team will assess your submission and send you the following form/forms to fill out based on the type of event your group is running: 

  • Environment Assessment Tool (EAT) 
  • General Assessment Tool (GAT) 
  • Student Society Event Organizer Acknowledgement (SEAT) 

The forms will vary based on factors such as status as a student group or student society, frequency of event, type of event etc.

3. Once you have filled out the form/forms, please send it to for a preliminary review. You will receive further instructions following this review.

4. UTM EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) will review the form, follow up if any subsequent questions arise, and submit the form on your behalf for final approval. Approval at this step will determine your group's eligibility to conduct an on-campus event. 

Should you have any questions while going through the process, be sure to keep this Student Group EAT Tip Sheet handy which has additional strategies to support your planning!


For all questions regarding Student Groups at UTM, please contact:

Student Groups Team