What is Ulife Lead?

What is Ulife Lead?

UifeLead is a set of learning and training opportunities for student group leaders to participate in. The sessions are geared to students who have a leadership role within a student group, academic society, or student society. The sessions include information around leadership skill development, community building elements, and other skills necessary to be a successful student leader.

All student leaders are encouraged to participate in each of the sessions. As an added bonus, by attending at least 4 sessions you can get Co-Curricular Record recognition. 

To read more information about each of the sessions, please click on the session names below.


Ulife 101

The Ulife 101 session provides all the basic information necessary to be a successful UTM student group. Some of the goals of the session are listed below:

  • Learn about the services and resources available to your group to ensure a successful year.
  • Learn about the policies, guidelines, procedures, and responsibilities of all student group leaders.
  • Learn about the different between UTMSU recognition and Ulife recognition, and the services available to your group once you are recognized by both.
  • Learn how to navigate the UTM Engage App and use the platform effectively to communicate and engage with your members.


Ulife - Leadership & You

  • Students will understand how they envision leadership and how to connect their leadership style(s) to their philosophy.
  • Students will understand the importance of transformational leadership.
  • Students will understand how their values are unique to them as well as how their experiences, perspectives, and goals are shaped by their values.
  • Students will be able to reflect on their own leadership style and develop ways to enhance their group initiatives by utilizing these skills.  

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Ulife - Building Your Team

  • Participants will be able to reference the stages of team development.
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance of utilizing inclusive and universal design principles, ensuring events and activities are accessible for all abilities, and learning more about program design skills to enhance organization programming.
  • Students will practice conflict mediation techniques like active listening and bringing up a concern, strengthening their ability to effectively manage a team
  • Students will be able to express their appreciation to team members to show gratitude.
  • Students will plan an effective team-building opportunity for their members to engage them with the group activities and enhance the group dynamics

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Ulife - Developing Online Communities

  • Students will be able to navigate the use of three different online programming tools to engage with their members
  • Students will be able to identify ways to promote and develop online outreach activities and events

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Ulife - Marketing Your Group

Our Marketing & Outreach team is ready to support you and your group as you prepare to promote your activities and events. 

Please visit the page to learn more about the training available to enhance your digital outreach with your members and other UTM students.

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Ulife - Financial Planning


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