Ulife Group of the Month

Ulife Group of the Month


The Ulife Group of the Month Award recognizes a student group that made an impact on the UTM student community, either through a program, initiative, or event.

The Ulife Group of the Month Award is considered by nomination (groups are able to self-nominate), with the Centre for Student Engagement's Student Groups team deciding on the winning group.

The eligibility requirements are outlined below:

  1. The nominated group must be a Ulife recognized group
  2. The nominated events and activities must be inclusive and demonstrate a wide-reaching impact on the UTM community 


Collaboration:  Groups are encouraged to collaborate with other groups, especially those that have different interests and focuses. Collaboration exposes students to different perspectives and views. Collaboration is an excellent way to enhance your initiatives, increase participation numbers, build new relationships, and have a wider reach on the community.

Supporting Marginalized Students: Our student population is diverse, with different beliefs, abilities, backgrounds, histories, privileges, and disadvantages. Student groups are encouraged to consider addressing aspects of programming that may be an impediment to marginalized students who would otherwise attend.

Student groups are encouraged to deliver programming that supports Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. To read about more ways to support marginalized, please follow the links below:

Anti-Black Racism Task Force Final Report

Indigenous Centre

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office - Student Resources

Community Collaboration: student groups are encouraged to explore partnerships with local community organizations. These partnerships often contribute to the local community organization's mission, vision, and goals. Things to consider:

To learn more about community partnerships and community engagement learning, please contact Alysha Ferguson, the Manager of Community Engaged Learning - alysha.ferguson@utoronto.ca

Impact & Growth: Groups should think ahead on how they can continue to grow, develop, and make an impact in the community and with their members. Groups that set goals and strive to positively impact the UTM community are much more likely to continue to grow.

Providing opportunities for the continued development and growth of members can make a tremendous impact on a student's life.


September 30 September submissions due
October 31 October submissions due
November 30 November submissions due
January 31 January submissions due
February 28 February submissions due
March 31 March submissions due


NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN - To submit a nomination, please Click Here!



Groups will be offered a $50 campus credit to be used at any of the UTM Hospitality & Retail Services. Groups will be required to sign a prize pick-up form once they receive the award.

In addition, the name of the winning group will be published on the Student Group Resources website each month.

Finally, the name and logo of the winning group will be highlighted on the CSE Instagram page each month.


Annual Student Group Awards

All winners will be highlighted on the website, and each of them will be encouraged to submit a nomination for any one of the CSE Student Group Awards. The group will receive a personal email highlighting each of the awards, with an encouragement from the Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Groups & Interfaith, to apply.

In addition, each of the winning groups will be highlighted at the end of the year at the UTM Student Leadership Awards.


Previous Winners


January 2021 - UTM Acts of Kindness

November 2020 - DSC UTM

October 2020 - UTM Pre-Law Organization

September 2020 - DEM Association

February 2020 - Forensics Society

January 2020 - Zero Waste UTM

December 2019 - Creatives for a Change

November 2019 - Black Student Association