Bank Letters

Bank Letters

Ulife recognized student groups may request a bank letter which will allow you to set up a bank account on behalf of your student organization. Please read the following instructions before you proceed.

Before your request is processed, the Centre for Student Engagement will be checking to verify that:

  1. The Primary or Secondary Contact provided in this form is the Primary or Secondary Contact listed for your group on Ulife.
  2. The email address provided in this form is a valid personal @mail.utoronto email address that is listed on Ulife for either the Primary or Secondary Contact.
  3. Your student group is currently recognized through the 2020-2021 academic year.

If any of those points do not check out, your request will be canceled and must be resubmitted and confirmed by the proper Primary or Secondary Contact.

Ulife recognized student groups may use this form to request a bank letter for your group