Inspire Academic Creativity for Student Success

Lightbulb in icon formatAt a meeting in April 2021, a member of UTM’s academic leadership team articulated our campus’s capacity to lead a sector-wide transformation: “we can reimagine the experience of post-secondary student education.” This confidence stems in part from the ongoing success of our 2017 Academic Plan, through which we have implemented actions that have enriched every aspect of our teaching and learning mission. UTM has enhanced foundational competencies and expanded awareness of global issues. We have increased student retention and fostered experiential education. We have invested in caring pedagogies and prioritized effective learning outcomes. We have advanced scholarship on teaching and learning and created new opportunities in pathbreaking programming.

The success of the Academic Plan provides good reason to strengthen our work in its areas of focus: to grow our first-in-Canada courses in foundational writing and numeracy; to develop our unique resources for student recruitment, advising, and co-curricular engagement and support; and to enhance our suite of signature undergraduate and professional master’s programs: from forensic science to sustainability management, from occupational therapy to urban innovation, from theatre and drama to biomedical communication.

Supported by expert teams in our offices of the Dean, Registrar, and Student Services, and empowered by the innovative pedagogies of our librarians, faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants, UTM will continue to cultivate the educational environment that sets us apart—that combines student learning, research, engagement, and support into a holistic student experience.


  • Recruit and retain outstanding and promising students; graduate globally-minded, lifelong learners.
  • Champion positive transformations in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Education.
  • Foster student flourishing with augmented systems of support.


  • Have we attracted talented, diverse students to UTM and enabled their progress through their programs?
  • Have we developed innovative curricula that realize the goals of our Academic Plan; that adapt to social, environmental, and economic change; and that empower our students’ ongoing growth?
  • Have we enhanced resources in student advising, engagement, international education, skills development, academic integrity and financial aid?