Careers in Sociology and Criminology, Law & Society

Sociology is the discipline devoted to the study of the social world in all of its forms. Sociologists study the family, mass communication, globalization, food, consumerism, social inequality, race and ethnicity, religiosity, crime, criminal justice, immigration, and technology to name only some of the fascinating areas of research.

Our department offers not only Sociology programs but programs in Criminology, Law and Society. All of these programs provide excellent foundations for careers in a wide range of professional, public and private sector careers.

The programs offered in Criminology, Law and Society are clearly connected to the legal profession, policing, parole, but are also excellent background for working in government with ministries concerned with criminal behaviour.

Careers in Sociology

Careers in Criminology, Law & Society 

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We highly recommend consulting an advisor at the Career Centre

Another excellent idea is to talk with our faculty. If you are considering a higher degree in sociology, you should definitely meet with a faculty member to discuss graduate school. It is often a good idea to look at the area of research in which the faculty member specializes to consult them about graduate programs that offer courses in the area in which you are interested.