Missed Tests & Late Assignments

If you miss a term test or submit an assignment after the deadline, you will be assigned a mark of zero for the test or will lose a percentage of the assignment mark for each late day unless the department grants you special consideration. 

You may request special consideration from the department (not the instructor) for missed tests or late assignments late due to reasons beyond the your control, including:     

  • Illness or injury
  • Disability
  • Religious observances (i.e., holy days)
  • Other unplanned circumstances entirely beyond your control (e.g., a court subpoena, a funeral, a car accident). 


  • You may not submit a special consideration request to re-write a test once the test has begun. If you are feeling ill, you must leave the room before starting your test and seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you miss an item of term work and do not complete the missed item or any make-up by the examination period, you must submit a petition for an extension of time beyond end of term through the Office of the Registrar.
  • Reasons such as holidays, pre-purchased plane tickets, family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), attending a wedding, lack of preparation, technology failure, or too many commitments are not considered beyond your control and will not be accommodated. 

Request special consideration for a missed test or late assignment